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Canada Afghanistan

Speaking on the democratic aspirations of ordinary Afghans, Canada's positive role in that country to date, disquieting moves from the Obama administration in Washington, and the impending domination of the region by China, Terry Glavin outlines a grim potential future.More >>

Terry Glavin Canada AfghanistanCanadian sacrifices and Beijing’s looming shadow

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Fraser Institute Boardroom
4th Floor-1770 Burrard St

A conversation with Terry Glavin, author of Come from the Shadows: The Long and Lonely Struggle for Peace in Afghanistan and co-founder of the Canada-Afghanistan Solidarity Committee

There can be little argument that Canadian troops have played a critical role in Afghanistan, whether driving the Taliban out of Kandahar or providing training to Afghan security forces and helping rebuild needed infrastructure.

But despite Canada’s ongoing commitment to helping the Afghan people find liberty and self-determination, policy vacillation in Washington is creating an opening the Chinese government is all too willing to exploit, says journalist Terry Glavin, author of the book, Come from the Shadows: The Long and Lonely Struggle for Peace in Afghanistan, and co-founder of the Canada-Afghanistan Solidarity Committee.

After having failed to lift a finger in support on the United Nations action in Afghanistan, Beijing is now rushing in and acquiring vast copper and other mineral leases as well as forming ties with the Pakistani ISI while the...More >>

The intrepid Terry Glavin with his latest take on Canada's crucial role in preventing a Taliban re-conquest of Afghanistan:

Years down the road, there will be all sorts of clever people who will be happy to tell us that our soldiers should never have been sent to Afghanistan. That’s why it will always be handy to remember what it took a British House of Commons defence committee to point out, back in 2007:


“If Kandahar fell, and it was a reasonably close run last year, it did not matter how well the Dutch did in Uruzgan or how well the British did in Helmand. Their two provinces would also, as night followed day, have failed, because we would have lost the consent of the Pashtun people because of the totemic importance of Kandahar.”

Don’t remember? Don’t be hard on yourself. You sure didn’t hear it from any Canadian parliamentary committee.


If all Canadian soldiers ever did was win the Battle of Panjwaii in 2006, it would all have been worth it.

Panjwaii was Stalingrad. Between that summer and July 2011, fewer than 3,000 Canadian soldiers kept the Taliban at bay. U.S. President Barack Obama’s “surge” of 30,000

...More >>

The Propagandist is pleased to help raise awareness for this important event coming to Vancouver, Canada

The Canadian Hero Fund UBC presents Canadian Forces Lt Commander Rob Watt, IED (Improvised Explosive Device) expert and head of training for ISAF in Afghanistan.

His presentation will focus on the changing nature of the enemy in Afghanistan with regards to the use of unconventional weapons in today's security environments.

Lt Commander Watt will be introduced by the Director of the Security and Defence Program of the Centre of International Relations at the University of British Columbia - Dr. Brian Job

When - Thursday, January 27th

Where - Global Lounge, UBC

Admission: $2
- includes Starbucks coffee, refreshments and snacks.

Commander Watt will be taking questions afterwards. More >>

canada afghanistan antiwar peace war malalai joyaThe following is a message from the President of the Canada-Afghanistan Solidarity Committee, Babur Mawladin, republished from the CASC site in a week when Malalai Joya will begin a tour of Canada.

This week, Malalai Joya will begin her latest speaking tour of Canada. The message of Joya, who has long collaborated with Canada’s anti-war community, is that Canada is part of a foreign occupation which has invaded Afghanistan and which is unwelcome by the Afghan people.

This could not be further from the truth.

As an Afghan-Canadian, I am alarmed that another Afghan is working so hard to spread a view that is not widely held among either those in Afghanistan nor among Afghans living here in Canada. My assertion can easily be verified by referring to the many polls that have been conducted in Afghanistan, including in 2010, by ABC News, the BBC, Gallup and other sources that used large sample sizes, which have consistently showed that a clear majority of Afghans support the presence of the NATO and US soldiers working to bring peace to...More >>

freedom of speech michael keefer canadian charger zionist conspiracy plotThe Propagandist presents its final part in this series, commenting on issues of freedom of expression, human rights and democracy. It was sparked by a forum that occurred in Vancouver this week, where "Antisemitism. Real and Imagined" co-author Michael Keefer spoke on the potential for chilling freedom of speech as regards Israell. This final part in the series asks "Who is Michael Keefer?"

Michael Keefer is a tenured English professor at the University of Guelph who may become best known in coming months for his contribution to a book called "Antisemitism. Real and Imagined". The book warns against a nebulous conspiracy of Zionists and co-opted far right conservatives attempting to undermine free speech.This is a common theme for the Canadian Charger, a publication for which Keefer sits on the editorial board. Typical headlines you might read in the Canadian Charger would include "Zionist Israel Built On Ethnic Cleansing", "Harpervision for Canada" and "The Sacred Mysteries of 9/11", just to give you a flavor for the rag.

Keefer is no stranger to conspiracy theories. Indeed, his worldview seems to...More >>


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