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war on terror

Send in the drones

Drones are just a tool; a method of disrupting our enemy that is more effective than sending 100,000 troopsMore >>

An honest antiwar position. Pacifism is objectively pro-fascistWar! Huh! What is it good for? Apart from ending slavery, stopping Nazism and Japanese militarism and defending civilized people from the ever-present onslaught of Islamofascism, right?

I can’t help but wonder if there is such a thing as a truly anti-war person, and if they exist, how lonely they must be. When the language of anti-war is invoked today, it is specifically meant as a protest, for the most part, against Israeli military operations in Gaza, the West Bank or Southern Lebanon, or US military operations in the War on Terror. We saw this with the thousands of demonstrations, both before and during the Iraqi War.

The problem with these antiwar movements is that they are, to be blunt, selective. You would hear nothing from them about the numerous conflicts in Africa. During the Cold War, they would not march outside the Soviet embassies against operations in Vietnam or Afghanistan. And now, they do not picket the Iranian embassy, which outsources terror to Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, just to start with.

It would be unfair to suggest...More >>

The saga of Omar Khadr has troubled a great many Canadians, and not all of us for the same reason.

For some, Khadr has emerged out of the War on Terror as one of Canada’s very own casualties; although one on the other side of the conflict. For these people, Khadr is a child soldier, a pawn used by Al Qaeda in the execution of their continuous campaign of terrorist mayhem.

For others, Khadr is a very dangerous man: a willing warrior in the armies of Al Qaida. In The Enemy Within, Ezra Levant lays out his case for branding Khadr a terrorist, and keeping him out of Canada for as long as possible.

But the enemy within is more than just Khadr himself. Levant takes aim at Khadr’s seemingly-vast legion of supporters, including Judy Rebick, Michelle Sheppard, Thomas Walkoum and others. Each has objected to the trial of Khadr for the wartime murder of Sergeant Christopher Speer, and insisted that Khadr himself is a victim at worst, a hero at best. Levant describes Khadr as a member of a “fifth column” of radical Islamists within Canada, who intend to tear down our liberal...More >>

Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik is a monster. He is a mass murderer. But he's also the psychopathic equivalent of a one-hit wonder. There is zero chance that he will be a threat to anyone ever again. He has no mass following. And there are so far no indications that a wave of terror attacks inspired by Breivik's crimes are in the offing.

Many critics from the far left to the center have been quick to liken Breivik's terrorism -- and there is no question that is what it was, even if he had no formal business card stating his terrorist status -- to other famous monsters like the Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh or Unabomber Ted Kaczynski. Almost in the same breath, many of these observers will suggest that this is symptomatic of a coming wave of right-wing extremism, allegedly intellectually backed by conservative thinking that is at its heart racist and intolerant (even where none of the conservatives quoted has ever said anything advocating racism, intolerance or terrorist violence).

It's all very weird.

We remember McVeigh and Kaczynski precisely because they were monstrous one-hit wonders, themselves. The American right-wing "militia movement" had little going...More >>

Note to any Al Qaeda would-be successor to Osama bin Laden: the established life expectancy for someone in your chosen career path is approximately one month.

An overnight attack by an unmanned aircraft killed Ilyas Kashmiri, an Al Qaeda-linked operative blamed for several high-profile attacks in Pakistan and India, local news reports and a statement by his banned militant organization said Saturday.

If borne out, this would be the second major U.S. anti-terrorism coup in quick succession following the killing of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden early last month by Navy SEALs. Analysts had identified Kashmiri as a possible Bin Laden successor.

Now, who wants the job? Any takers? Sheesh. Don't all put your hands up at once.More >>

Osama bin Laden is dead. The fallout from 9/11 remains with us for some time to come. Yet there is no question that this is a major victory for the struggle against the global jihad movement.

The attacks on America on that awful day augured in what some call an age of terror (notwithstanding that jihadist terrorists had already been taking high-profile pot-shots at Western targets for several decades). That does not end with the arch-terrorist's untimely (yet long overdue) demise at the hands of American special forces. And the jihadist movement, of which Al Queda is now only a well-branded segement, will continue to pose lethal threats to NATO soldiers and innocent defenseless civilians alike.

But Osama bin Laden's death does have consequences. His audacious and horrific exploits captured the imagination of millions of psychotics from Illinois to Islamabad. After nearly a decade of evading capture or death, bin Laden had become a near-mythical symbol of resurgent and unstoppable holy war. A bullet-ridden corpse is all that remains of this internationally-renowned thug. This fact can't help but demoralize some of its more grounded adherents -- at least, those jihadists who may have thought that they could...More >>

jihad for dummies western islam muslim neo colonial samir khan jihadist islamistSo much for the theory that Western neo-colonialism was the "root cause" of Islamist terror across the globe. Turns out that some misguided members of a certain religion turn to jihad because... well, because that's what terrorist assholes do.

This is going to make certain people very upset. All their convoluted theories tossed into the garbage. At least until they rationalize that Samir Khan is probably a CIA plant.

Hmmm. This news is interesting. al Shahab Islamist thugs have carried out a successful jihad against a Somalian mother of four. No doubt, she had a direct line to Dick Cheney and belonged to a Western imperialist neo-colonial... Aw, crud. I can't do this anymore....More >>

tarek fatah the jew is not my enemy fascism islamofacism terror antisemitism left right politics"The Jew Is Not My Enemy" author Tarek Fatah pointed last night to one of the biggest challenges facing moderate Muslims who oppose Islamic extremism: the West's politically-correct embrace of the most medieval, fascist-leaning Muslims in their midst.

Fatah made his remarks at Vancouver's Temple Shalom. He condemned "interfaith dialogue" and government agency consultations with unprogressive Muslim imams as worse than useless. "Who asked you to promote the most medieval segments of our society?" Fatah asked.

He noted that when politicians and community leaders want to reach out to the Muslim community, they do not contact leaders like Rogers CEO Nadir Mohamed or Senator Mobina Jaffer. Instead, the first point of contact is almost invariably with Muslim Imams who openly lead prayers for the defeat of the "kafir" (non-Muslims). This is empowering the most extreme and unprogressive leaders while utterly demoralizing Muslim moderates who oppose clerical fascism and terror.

"Identity politics" has also undermined the West's ability to deal with a new kind of fascism that contains a virulent strain of...More >>

cageprisoners moazzam begg amnesty international human rights politicsCageprisoners claims to be a human rights group that raises awareness for those detained as part of the ‘War on Terror’. Unfortunately, like so many Islamist groups that hide behind ‘interfaith dialogue’ or ‘human rights’ in order to espouse their virulent ideas, Cageprisoners is no different. The National Post journalist Terry Glavin has described it as “a front for Taliban enthusiasts and al-Qaeda devotees that fraudulently presents itself a human rights group.”

Harry’s Place has a piece about the article of Cageprisoners activist Fahad Ansari, in which he opined that those responsible for the murder of British soldiers and the Afghani people that the Taliban slaughter each day were heroes. This is hardly a surprising statement from someone such as Ansari, whom Harry’s Place previously noted that while mourning the death of terrorist Faraj Hassan, had written: “His death however may serve as the fertilizer that serves to revive the spirit of jihad in the Muslims of Britain.” 

The article in question has now mysteriously disappeared from the Cageprisoners website, but luckily we just happen to have a copy...More >>

National Post writer Adrian MacNair looks at the big picture following the guilty plea of Omar Khadr, Guantanamo Bay's youngest terrorist.

You’ve heard the argument. It says he isn’t a terrorist who smilingly and willingly planted IEDs, terrorized locals, and attacked U.S. soldiers with the Taliban. It says he’s a victim of his father’s hateful ideology as much as the third world African child plucked from a village whose parents had been murdered, and forced into violent slavery.


Not that anybody ever discusses the hateful ideology of the elder Khadr. It’s something of a nebulous construct used to describe Omar’s psychology, but never taken to the logically proximate discussion on immigrants teaching their Canadian-born children seditious contempt for Canada. The conversation is brushed aside, often with a sneering rebuke directed at those who even suggest that any analysis of Canadian-born terrorist Omar Khadr should include an introspective on multiculturalism’s failures.


Such failures are self-evident in the prolific “Toronto 18″, with the latest sentencing of Fahim Ahmad for his role in the 2006 plot to attack Ontario’s capital city. His sentence seems commensurate with Omar Khadr’s: 16 years in prison. By the time Khadr is finished his

...More >>



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