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theocratic fascism

Sign of the times: a pack of Islamist thugs tried to force a Hindu man to convert to Islam in the street. When he refused, they beat him up and slashed his tongue.

This didn't happen in some backwater hellhole like Pakistan.

It happened in Bonn, Germany.

The reason you probably haven't heard about it already is that most mainstream media outlets  have already chopped out their own tongues when it comes to reporting this kind of theocratic fascism happening daily in the Western world.More >>

A deeply conflicted man is devoted to the Pope and the Vatican, yet horrified by the corruption he sees within this tiny theocratic city state. He leaks documents that seem to prove the corruption. He is jailed. After months of stewing in the hole, the Pope pardons him.

Just a few questions, here:

Why is the corruption in the Vatican not the story here? Why is the Pope in a position to "pardon" someone for exposing that corruption? Why was this whistleblower not protected?

Oh right... the infalliability of God's representative on Earth, who can not be shown to be tainted by corruption, knowingly or not.

Source: via Janelle on Pinterest

 ...More >>

Polygamist sect's ranch raided by cops in Texas.

Prosecutors described their motion to seize the sprawling 1,600 acre ranch as the “final chapter of the state’s nearly five-year effort to pursue widespread criminal misconduct at the YFZ Ranch.”

They argued that sect leaders aimed to “establish a remote outpost where they could insulate themselves from criminal prosecution for sexually assaulting children.”

When the physical manifestation of your moral beliefs involves the daily brutalization of young girls and boys, there's something deeply, horrifyingly wrong with your conception of morality.More >>

Convicted of manslaughter for failing to predict not merely the timing, but the severity of the earthquake. I always assumed that this was the kind of thing that could only happen in backwards, irrational, supernatural-obsessed places (Hmmm. Maybe it did). Ophelia Benson at Butterflies & Wheels nails it:

I have a prediction: Italy will suddenly find itself bereft of scientists.

In keeping with this judge's verdict, will we jail meteorologists when they fail to predict rain that contributes to drivers skidding and crashing on the road? For that matter, are we now going to start jailing economists for failing to predict exactly when poor financial indicators turn into a full-blown meltdown? It's not just scientists -- we often rely on inconveniently imperfect data in many aspects of life.More >>

Thousands of Muslims protest against Google's stance of protecting freedom of speech.

In London, England.

The symbolism of this protest couldn't be clearer to those who care about such things... to which, the response is also obvious:

"If you want to live in an unfree hellhole where blasphemy laws reign supreme and tech giants like Google never sprout up, there is no shortage of countries where you can live as you would like: Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Somalia, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, etc. Really, you're just a plane ticket away from, er, paradise."More >>

If a conservative is a liberal who's been mugged by reality, what would one call this Democratic President who's seen his foreign policy -- nay, his entire outlook on how the Middle East ought to work -- exposed as an utter smoking shambles thanks to the intractable hatred of the Islamic world towards America? It's not so much that the sky is falling as the ideological ground is coming undone beneath their feet.

It's actually not clear at all that the Obama administration recognizes just how much things have changed in barely 10 days.  The President's talking heads are still devoting a bizarre amount of time into lambasting a poorly-produced video. The YouTube phenomenon has already been definitively shown to be a fig-leaf cover for Islamist terror attacks and riots sweeping the Arab Middle East, Pakistan, Indonesia and elsewhere. "Moderate" Muslims in France and England are protesting the "blasphemous" video as well; the protesters show their contempt for the birthplaces of Enlightenment values that ultimately saw free speech enshrined as an essential thing impacting all other freedoms. Meanwhile, America spends tax dollars on advertisements in Pakistan condemning "The Innocence of Muslims" -- because nothing shows you are willing to...More >>

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is well known for her courageous advocacy of secular Western Enlightenment values over the tyranny of Islam. She speaks as one who has been there, for she first encountered the misery, poverty and violence that radical Islamic fundamentalism always brings while growing up in her own family in Somalia.

She is a powerful thinker and debater and someone I deeply admire -- yet her suggestion that Western-based church groups convert large numbers of Muslims as a partial solution to Islamist radicalism has always struck me as both hypocritical and insufficient.

Watching the explosion of violence both throughout the Islamic world and in Western cities where large numbers of Muslims have immigrated, one can't help but be struck by two scary thoughts. One, that the so-called "insignificant minority of Muslims" who are fans of sharia and jihad has been vastly underestimated. Two, that this phenomenon of Islamist radicalism (in terms both of outright violence and incitement) is growing.

Hirsi Ali has explicitly suggested that conversion to Christianity could act a sort of methadone program, turning hateful and violent Islamists into relatively benign believers in Christ. On the face of it, such an...More >>

Science and Islam: A Reply to “1001 Inventions and the Library of Secrets” from acts17apologetics on GodTube.

David Wood of Answering Muslims responds to the "1001 Inventions and the Library of Secrets" exhibit touring major cities. Watch the whole thing, but some of the best lines start around the 7 minute mark:

"In the past 14 centuries, Islam has produced exactly one major scientific breakthrough: time travel. Any society that truly accepts Mohammed's teachings is mysteriously transported back to 7th century Arabia. Why? Because part of the message of Islam is that  Allah wants you to live and think and dress like a 7th century Arab."

More >>

First, Facebook. Now, Twitter. Just go the extra mile, Pakistan. Ban the Internet. Ban movies. Ban every book that isn't the Koran. Ban all modes of behavior that aren't already explicitly modeled by a 7th-century illiterate pedophilic warlord.

Good luck with that.

More >>

Thank you, gentlemen. If we are ever in need of an angry mob of shouting lunatics, you've got the gig.

Muslims at atheist convention in Australia angry mob IslamMore >>



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