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Syrian civil war

Will US President Obama go to war in the Middle East?

As the US edges closer to a strike on Syria, the question looms: will he really do it? More to the point -- what exactly will he be doing?More >>

The world watches as Syrians die. Moral confusion everywhere.

Can anything be done to stop the slaughter in Syria?More >>

The USA has no more red lines left in Syria.

One thing that won't be surviving the Syrian civil war, no matter who wins: American deterrence.More >>

The Propagandist magazine. Political commentary to mobilize the massesThe Propagandist's Allies are keeping up the fight on all fronts, smashing the Enemy's forces again and again. We ran out of bullets long ago, but we've found that bountiful quantities of charm and wit get us by.

Here are the latest propaganda dispatches from the front:

Confusion to our enemies!...More >>

Nice to see bipartisan support. The terrorist-riddled rebels are saying pretty much the same thing.More >>

In Syria; therefore, not really news.

Frankly speaking, in a conflict between a bloodthirsty tyrant and a bloodthirsty genocidal movement that has made no secret of its aim to turn Syria into an Islamist supremacist Taliban state, it's perhaps surprising we're not looking at Darfur kinds of numbers yet.

Give them time.More >>

Assad pulls the plug. They're back to telephones and fax machines, now.More >>

The Propagandist magazine. Political commentary to mobilize the massesThe Propagandist magazine delivers hard-hitting political commentary every day right to your front door -- if your front door was your computer screen or smartphone.

Propaganda don't write itself, comrades. If you're a fan of our daily propaganda, consider sponsoring this media revolution to mobilize the masses.

Here are some of our latest, greatest dispatches from the front:

Western propaganda. The top news stories you probably don't know aboutThe world media focuses once more on the violence between Israel and Gaza, with tens of thousands of stories filed in the last week alone (in contrast to the neglect that prevailed when Hamas was shooting at Israel for months without retaliation). Bizarre memes persist in this coverage, in which the Muslim Brotherhood Egyptian government is treated as an objective and honest broker (instead of the ideological twin of Hamas), Hamas terrorists are called militants, activists or journalists, and Israelis are perversely demonized as warmongers who love death more than they love life.

It's old news... and given other options for front-page news, not even the most important news out there. There are many other big stories that are getting some ink, but way less attention than they deserve, particularly compared to the latest dustup along the Israel-Gaza border. For instance, you might not have heard about...

1. Four Americans charged with plot to join Al Qaeda. Again? Yawn.

Sure, this got reported. But it ought to be front-page news in most papers in...More >>

Only about 40 dead and 122 injured due to a series of car bombs that went off in regime-controlled areas.

Source: via Jason on Pinterest

 More >>



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