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Middle East politics

Readers of political commentary on the Middle East will frequently see reference to the 'one-state solution' in relation to the Arab-Israeli conflict. What perhaps is often not sufficiently clear is what lies behind that particular political ethos, exactly who is promoting it and why.

Advocates of the 'one state solution' are, by definition, opposed to the two-state solution – i.e. the creation, as a result of negotiations between the relevant parties, of a Palestinian State which will exist side by side – hopefully in peace and good neighbourly relations - with the Jewish State of Israel.  This has been the premise behind the entire peace process since 1993. It is the basis upon which the Oslo Accords and later the Roadmap were built. It was the logic behind Israel's agreeing to the PLO being allowed to establish the Palestinian Authority and Israeli concessions on areas A and B. It is also the concept upon which all diplomatic efforts to bring peace to the region have been – and still are – based.

As frustrating as the peace process has been, the two-state solution remains the stated goal of the international community as well as successive Israeli governments during the last...More >>

The Propagandist Editor Jonathon Narvey talks with Contributing Writer Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi about the hard road ahead for democracy and dissent in Iraqi Kurdistan, long-held as a sucess story by the international media in the context of an Iraq still recovering from years of dictatorship, war and insurgency. We look at this issue in the context of the Arab Spring that has revolutionized the politics of the Middle East.

Speaking in objection to the Greek government’s move to block the so-called “Freedom Flotilla” from sailing to Gaza, Ebab Lotayef recently told the Sun News Network that they had solicited, and received, a legal opinion about whether or not it was permissible for Greece to prevent the flotilla from sailing.

That legal opinion declared there was “no basis” for Greece preventing the flotilla from sailing.

The source of that legal opinion? None other than Richard Falk.

Falk has reportedly declared that "Greece has no right to detain foreign-flagged ships in its ports other than for purposes of assuring seaworthiness via timely inspection. And they cannot interfere with 'innocent passage' through their territorial waters, and this passage is definitely innocent."

Before one even considers the intentions of the Flotilla activists, one should consider the base errors in Falk’s “opinion”. The Tahrir didn’t merely pass through Greek waters, it docked at port Agios Nicolaos in Crete, making it subject to Greek authority.

Beyond that, the passage through Greek waters was not “innocent”. The goal of the flotilla activists has never actually been to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza – the comically-named Audacity of Hope wasn’t carrying any humanitarian aid at all, only...More >>

There is something deeply, deeply wrong with Libyan President – or, perhaps one should say, ex-President – Muammar Gadhafi.

But in reality, it isn’t just him. It’s his entire family.

For evidence of this, one needs look no further than his daughter, Aisha Gadhafi. In what she must have imagined to be a heart wrenching interview on French television, Gadhafi spoke about the inhuman havoc allegedly being wreaked by NATO forces in Libya.

“I've already lost one of my children and my brother in the bombings,” she remarked. “Every day there are members of my people who die. Civilians. Anyone who has a heart can understand what I feel."

Certainly, to lose a child or other family members is a terrible thing, something that someone should not wish on most people. However, personally I can’t help but wish that the astoundingly disingenuous Aisha Gadhafi loses one more family member: her father.

After all, the civilian casualties sustained during the NATO campaign in Libya pale by comparison to the civilian casualties sustained prior to the intervention, when her father ordered Libyan fighter jets to strife unarmed civilian protesters from the sky with machine gun fire.

Those who pay close attention to...More >>

The Arab Spring has been both an inspiration and a disappointment. Women are still unwelcome at protests, brutally assaulted when they have the courage to come out, and will certainly be kept out of the halls of power even if these movements succeed (A few token female members of puppet parliaments in Arab countries don't change this fact). As a result, the Arab world will likely remain a backward and unfree domain.

Even when freedom is on the lips of millions and demonstrators need every able body on the street that they can get, men will not let women demonstrate publicly alongside them against the dictators .

Observe with your own eyes, a comparison of how political protest happens around the world. Notice the difference.

Here is a protest in New York City on Wall Street. Naturally, women are present - not to mention, representatives from the full range of America's ethnic diversity.

Next up, we have a protest in London, England. This time, we see a relatively chaotic, potentially violent scene. Yet again, women are just as defiant as their male counterparts.

...More >>

We don't need no education.

We don't need no thought control.

More >>

The Propagandist magazine opinion news politics political propaganda middle east islamist palestinianThe Propagandist takes no prisoners, but we will consider alternative punishments for dictators, thugs and their lowly stooges ("Why are you punching yourself? Why are you punching yourself? Oooooh, that one's going to leave a mark. Keep it up, Assad! You too, Chomsky! Ten hours to go!").

Once again, we are proud to showcase some of the most popular and thought-provoking articles once more in the latest edition of Propaganda Reloaded.

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"This Arab Spring is really knocking us for a loop, fellows," Hussein said. "What else have we got lined up for the season?"

The office was stuffy. But it was scorching outside. Since the air conditioning conked out, there was little they could do. Najib had found a dusty old fan that gave off an annoying death rattle and very little breeze.

An unusual number of employees had called in sick, Assad noted with a stern frown. He jotted down the names of each one. They'd all pay for their disloyalty. The boss was already reading them the riot act in his head.

"So, boss?" Hussein spurred on, trying through sheer force of will not to sweat through his old suit. "Do we have a plan?"

"I don't think we should change a thing," Assad said. "Our customers are fine with what we give them. Corruption, torture, terror... we have to stick to our main business offerings. That's what we're known for."

Najib shook his head. "Look, boss. I've only been with the company a little while, but it seems to me the marketplace is changing. They're not going for the old product line....More >>

Has American President Barack Obama finally come down decisively on the side of democracy and freedom in the Middle East? Is America resetting its foreign policy in dramatic fashion? Or is the President throwing Israel and other allies under the bus while offering nothing new for a region in the midst of revolutionary change? You decide.

Watch his complete speech, take our poll and leave a comment.

Hamas never educed its efforts to kill Israelis if the opportunity presents itself. But Israeli security tactics -- perhaps most critically, the security wall, have helped reduce those opportunities. The Hamas terror war effectively was ended  in thanks to the vigilance of IDF forces.

In that context, the Wall Street Journal seems to be trying to revise recent history:

Hamas has scaled back its use of violence in recent years, halting suicide bombings and reining in the firing of rockets at Israel. Still, Hamas militants in the West Bank were responsible for a number of shootings of Israeli settlers in the West Bank last year. Last month, Hamas militants in Gaza fired an antitank missile at an Israeli school bus, killing one child.

There is a difference between halting suicide bombings and being prevented from launching suicide bombings. And for every rocket attack Hamas has "reigned in", it has likely launched at least 10 others.

Even if the first line of the paragraph were true, the rest of the paragraph utterly contradicts it.

There is double-talk and double-think. The WSJ is guilty of both.

Jonathon Narvey is the Editor of...More >>



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