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Government of Myanmar

While the Government of Myanmar would have you believe all is now well, since it's sudden embrace of at least the idea of democracy, the regime's track record to date suggests an inertia in actually dismantling many of the hallmarks of its notoriously brutal repression of the Burmese people.More >>

With our attention still firmly fixated on evolving events in the Middle East, this month has so far seen a modest step forward for another nortorious dictatorship.

A campaign to establish a UN Commission of Inquiry to investigate human rights abuses in Burma succeeded last week in securing support for the proposed Commission from the countries of Latvia and Denmark.

The Burma Campaign UK describes the background to the campaign:

For many years the United Nations has ignored widespread and systematic crimes committed by Burma’s military junta, including the destruction of more than 3,500 villages in eastern Burma, widespread use of rape as a weapon of war against ethnic minorities, the forced displacement of over 1 million refugees and internally displaced people, tens of thousands of child soldiers, and the abundant use of forced labour in the country.

For decades the United Nations has been documenting these serious and systematic human rights abuses committed by Burma’s military dictatorship, abuses which break international law. Yet no action has been taken to end the impunity which Burma’s brutal military dictatorship enjoys.

The idea of a commission is already supported by Australia, Belgium, Canada, the...More >>


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