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Israeli Palestinian conflict

Naive Facebook "peace supporters" hopefully get their eyes opened as to why this conflict is still going on.More >>

The vote at the United Nations today to recognize Palestine as a non-member state ("We recognize that we don't recognize you") is yet another bit of lunacy at the world's most perverse bureaucracy. Did anyone notice that little flare-up between Hamas-run Gaza and Israel this month? After all those tens of thousands of headlines, the countries of the world are going to pretend it didn't just happen.

That dustup proves yet again that this "Palestinian state" isn't united and that Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah faction can barely hold on to their West Bank kleptocracy, much less claim to rule over Gaza's terrorist-run theocracy. And yet... most countries in the world will indicate that they support a Palestinian (non-member) state.

That's just great. Well, I support full member state status for the Kingdom of Narv, carving a little slice out of my Mount Pleasant neighborhood in Vancouver. The borders aren't defined yet and I really can't claim meaningful sovereignty over much territory, but apparently, those things don't matter. Besides, my kingdom would have two major advantages over a Palestinian state: First, I'm not presently trying to blow up my neighbors. Second, employment in the Kingdom of Narv is 100 percent and I'm...More >>

Losing a child must be the worst thing that can happen to a parent.

Nine years ago, 23-year old Rachel Corrie stood in front of an Israeli military bulldozer and was crushed. The enquiry at the time cleared the operator and laid the blame squarely on Corrie. Her parents sued the State of Israel, claiming that the bulldozer operator killed their daughter purposefully.

On Tuesday the Haifa District Court handed down its judgment: There was no way that the operator of the heavy equipment could have seen Rachel. She stood there purposefully, and her tragic death was her own fault. Said the judge: "[Corrie] did not distance herself from the area, as any thinking person would have done... she consciously put herself in danger."

Corrie was in Israel to help “free Palestine”. She came as part of a mission of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), an NGO.

Rachel Corrie’s parents had full faith in the Israeli justice system, and rightly so. Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, has a legal system equal to the best in the world. And yet, to hear Mrs. Corrie on Israel TV after the decision, one could have thought that the judges’ findings...More >>

An Israeli court effectively rules that pro-Palestinian activist Rachel Corrie was a complete and utter moron for jumping under a moving bulldozer in the middle of a warzone.

ISRAELI JUDGE'S STATEMENT. "Honestly, what are these Americans teaching their kids about bulldozers? Bulldozers are big, incredibly heavy machines. They don't turn on a dime, either. It's definitely not a good idea to jump under a bulldozer, whether it's moving or not. Jeez, Louise. 

"I mean, that kid had her whole life ahead of her and she just jumps right down there, under this five-tonne machine, what did she think was going to happen? She didn't even think to maybe shout to the driver, 'hey, could you please not run me over in your ridiculously massive bulldozer while I'm down there?' Maybe give the guy a heads-up?

"Was she watching an old episode of the Incredible Hulk TV show and maybe thought she'd be angry enough to turn big and green and chuck the bulldozer off her? I don't get it. Can the US government please put 'not jumping under bulldozers' somewhere in their kindergarten curriculum? Maybe that would help put a stop to these needless tragedies."

Jonathon Narvey is the Editor...More >>

Actually, since taxpayers ultimately pay for the United Nations, that means you're paying for child abuse in Gaza. The abusers aren't Israeli, but Palestinian.

But rather than fun activities or education designed to promote peace or productive skills, the Hamas camps are geared toward indoctrinating and training the terrorists of the future. The 70,000 children taking part in the “We Will Live Honorably” camps are forced to undergo paramilitary training that apparently includes forcing them to walk on nails and knife blades as well as preparing them for prison.

"But wait," you say. The kids aren't being trained as terrorists in UNRWA summer camps. The reason they're in Hamas camps is because the UNRWA camps were shut down by Hamas! How can the UN still be responsible?

Thanks to UNRWA operations in Gaza, Hamas operations are effectively subsidized by the UN. The UNRWA certainly doesn't distinguish in hiring Hamas or non-Hamas personnel. In case that didn't quite sink in the first time, UNRWA doesn't discriminate against terrorists when it hires people: "Ah, I see here on your resume that you have been a member of Hamas for five years. I think we've got...More >>

By the peace process, we mean not merely peace between Israelis and Palestinians, but between Israelis and the entire Arab world. Rick Richman points out the essential problem in Commentary, in 45 Years Later, No Closer to the Truth:

In 1978, Israel traded the entire Sinai for peace; Egypt has recently demonstrated that withdrawals from land are permanent but promises of peace are not. In 2000, Israel offered the Palestinians a state on substantially all the West Bank and Gaza; they declined in favor of a barbaric war on Israeli civilians. In 2001, after Israel accepted the Clinton Parameters, the Palestinians rejected them. In 2005, Israel removed every settler and soldier from Gaza, and got a rocket war in return. In 2008, Israel offered a state again, and got no response at all.

The problem is that it's not a peace process at all -- it is a process of small surrenders eventually leading to the extermination of one side.More >>

The Palestinian Authority in the West Bank has decided its main problem with the terrorists on their territory is that they are too disorganized. Even the generous financial support of Iran isn't enough to grease the wheels so these heavily-armed fanatics can really get going. If they're going to be effective, they really need to unite under the leadership of Fatah's Mahmoud Abbas.

Another reason for Israel to keep negotiations in a deep freeze.More >>

When Israel made the trade for Gilad Shalit, they let go cold-blooded killers. It was a bad deal that negated justice for the families of terror victims and emboldened not only Palestinians, but seemingly the entire Arab world to redouble efforts to abduct Israelis. Defenders of the deal will suggest that Israel's enemies are already trying to carry out attacks and further incentives make no difference. That is up for debate. All we do know is that over 1,000 killers and would-be murderers are going free.

Why the Israeli state doesn't simply cancel the rest of the prisoner releases in retaliation for this week's attacks from Gaza, surely facilitated by Hamas, is beyond me.

Once a bank robber has given up his hostage, you don't give him the suitcases of cash and flight to Havana -- you take him out with a sniper on the roof.

As soon as the Israelis had Shalit in their hands, they ought to have abrogated the deal, designated the terrorists they released under durress as escaped criminals and raked the prisoner hand-over site with machine gun fire from a combat chopper.

To those who say that if Israel...More >>

Well, I hope you really enjoyed your little "Palestine vote" stunt this week, Mr. Abbas. You won a couple of days worth of great publicity and a temporary reprieve from your own people.

For that, you just lost $200 million.

United States Congress has blocked nearly $200 million in aid for the Palestinian Authority, threatening projects such as food aid, health care, and support for efforts to build a state, The Independent reported Saturday.

Still think the USA isn't going to hit back for your little foreign policy adventure? Stilll think it's a wise idea to bite the hand that feeds?

Tell you what, Abbas: Double down. Even better, let's triple this bet. You want to mess with the USA. Well, first you're going to lose $600 million this year alone.

And then they're really going to get creative. The US government's books are in the toilet. And they've got far better things to spend money on than salaries for convicted jihadist terrorists... like buying drones armed with Hellfire missiles, which are great at killing jihadist terrorists.More >>

Will the Palestine independence vote at the United Nations get scuppered -- before it even gets to a vote? Here's the latest:

The standing committee on new members is tasked with deciding whether the territory known as Palestine meets the criteria for statehood, including possession of a defined territory and a recognized government. Under the U.N. Charter, a new member must also be “peace-loving.”

"Hello, Mr. Abbas? This is the UN calling. We've been going through your application and we just noticed a few anomalies.

"Could you provide a map of your proposed state? Oh, you haven't negotiated the border with Israel, yet? I see. No, not necessarily an issue, but it might be...

"Well, let me ask you, is your organization able to provide effective government in the Gazan portion of your territory? Oh? You're not kidding? The population there is ruled by an internationally-recognized terrorist organization? I'm sorry, I didn't hear that -- you're now unified with this terrorist organization? Oh, dear.

"I'm sorry, I did't catch that? You're heading to a ceremony for a public square that the Palestinian Authority is naming in honor of a suicide bomber? Is that what you said? I...More >>



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