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israel palestinians

So much for that Palestinian reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah we keep hearing about.

The West Bank returned to summer time on August 30, when the holiday ended. Gaza, which is separated from the West Bank by Israeli territory, did not.


Compounding the confusion, banks and universities in Gaza affiliated with the Palestinian Authority are keeping West Bank hours.

"When my wife calls me, she asks whether I want to have lunch Gaza-time or West Bank-time," a Gaza banker said. "It is ridiculous."

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I know this may seem like an impertinent question to ask. But given that:

  • Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005
  • The only IDF soldier there for most of that time was the Hamas captive Gilad Shalit
  • Gaza is in no real sense "occupied territory"
  • A lot of this stuff seems to end up sold by Hamas or on the black market (or both) and the terrorist organization presumably funnels the money into arms sales...
  • Gaza shares a border with Egypt, which now keeps it at least partially open
  • There is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza
  • The UN says Palestinians have a higher level of development than Egyptians, or for that matter, South Africans or Pakistanis.

Why is this still happening?More >>

democracy western values israel politics advocacy zionism freedom human rightsIt is only natural that those who feel an attachment to the State of Israel should also feel compelled to take a stand and speak out in Israel’s defence. We currently inhabit a climate where a wide alliance of forces internationally are clamouring to delegitimize the young Jewish State out of existence; what self respecting friend of Israel would fail to take up the campaign to rebuff the mendacious and more often than not false accusations levelled against this nation under fire? After all, the rhetoric of Israel’s startlingly determined enemies is more than self evidently vicious, it is also extremely dangerous. The emotive language opponents of Israel employ is clearly intended to stir up intense levels of hatred while their agenda is one that hopes to see Israel left so isolated that it will either no longer be able to defend itself or will simply collapse from a series of economic and demographic negatives.

Surely then in the face of such alarming and annihilationist campaigns against Israel, her supporters have no time left to lose in...More >>


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