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Israel Palestinian conflict


It doesn't matter how many times Israel's leaders say they want peace, or how many times the Palestinians' leaders (whether in the West Bank or Gaza) say they will accept nothing less than the destruction of the Jewish state and a new Palestinian state on its ashes. In the minds of Israel's critics, the formula is always reversed.

The best way to counter this perverse contradiction of reality is to keep telling the truth, Jonathan Danilowitz says:

The Hamas Charter explicitly calls for the annihilation of Israel. As does the Charter of the Palestine Liberation Organization (established in 1964 by Yasser Arafat), not to mention the charters of assorted smaller but similar Arab terrorist groups. When next you hear someone explain that the “settlements” are the obstacle to peace, do remember that the PLO was founded at least 3 years BEFORE the 1967 6-Day war

...More >>

The following Letter to the Editor was sent to the Globe & Mail newspaper in response to its coverage of the latest crisis in Israel and Gaza. It was never printed.


We are extremely rattled by your coverage of and the slant you have taken on the unfortunate situation in Israel and Gaza. To begin with, the headlines you have used speak volumes: "Gaza attack pushes region to the brink", "Shattered Peace" and "Islamists vow revenge for Israeli bombardment". Was the Globe and Mail not aware of the fact that the Palestinians had been escalating their bombardment of lethal rockets into Israel with increasing ferocity over the past month? As Globe and Mail readers we would not know this incontrovertible fact, simply because you have not been reporting it. And why not, may one ask? In other words, the attacks and bombardment were not on the part of Israelis at all, but on the part of the Palestinians. You may mention the attacks, but you have buried them right towards the end of your articles on the matter.

Also, where is the by-line on the front page? Are you hiding the fact that your reports, other than by...More >>

banned from Boing Boing oh the humanityBoing Boing's editors are totally committed to free speech and fighting online censorship except when it comes to debunking lies about Palestinians or promoting Israel's right to self-defense, apparently.

I'm banned from commenting on the site.

Darn it. I really liked that site -- the "blog of interesting things". It's my default site for strange, funny, nerdy stuff. It's too bad the site moderator Antinous appears to have little patience for, you know, other opinions besides those that still believe (against all evidence) that Palestinians live in an open-air prison or that Israelis are acting like Nazis. This is often what happens when science nerds pretend to also be politics nerds.

Banned. Wow. Sorry if I'm dwelling on this. I know it's a great example of a First World Problem. But I'm a nerd. I feel comfortable in the company of other nerds, even online (OK, especially online). Now I feel like I've been rejected from a popular island of nerddom and can't go back (Oh sure, I can visit -- they just don't want me messing up their nice online beach).

But now...More >>

Hamas fires 120 lethal rockets on to Israeli territory, indiscriminately threatening innocent civilians in a broad swathe of territory north of Gaza... as they and their jihadist allies have been doing on and off for years.

The United Nations does nothing.

Israel launches a pinpoint strike that kills a known terrorist with blood on his hands.

The United Nations considers an emergency session at Egypt's request, to discuss the "escalation of violence".

Riiiiiiight.More >>

If I neglect to pay my power bill, the power company will assume I'm a deadbeat, send me threatening letters once a month and ultimately cut the electricity.

The Palestinian Authority racks up a $175 million power bill owed to Israel and refuses to pay, citing lack of funds -- but as Jonathan Danilowitz points out, they always seem to have plenty of cash lying around to pay murderers.More >>

Oops. Sorry, I meant war; specifically, holy war in the name of Allah and Mohammed, to exterminate the only Western democracy in the Middle East.

Preparing for the peace of the grave.More >>

The Air Flytilla has arrived in Israel. Sort of.

Instead of protesting the bloody tyranny in Syria, ethnic cleansing of Copts in Egypt or the torture of religious minorities and dissenters in Iran, a wave of "activists" tried to descend on the Middle East's only Western democracy that respects human rights -- and were mostly turned back by airlines that had no interest in paying for their tickets home when they would be rejected by immigration officials.

PALESTINIAN ACTIVIST. So, where are the rest of you?

FLYTILLA REP. What do you mean? Haven't more of our comrades arrived already?

PALESTINIAN ACTIVIST. Noooooo... And there aren't really enough of you guys to have a decent march.



FLYTILLA REP. Have you got Scrabble?More >>

On Thursday the 30th of June it emerged that the “MV Saoirse”, the Irish ship in the much publicised pro-Palestinian flotilla to Gaza, had been damaged whilst at dock in Turkey, and could not proceed on its supposedly “humanitarian” voyage, as they ever-impartial media put it. The story included detailed and quite melodramatic accusations of sabotage. Israel was of course the culprit in these conspiracies.

The media gave a lot of credence to these claims. Irish far-left MP and all-around friend to political Islamists Richard Boyd-Barrett, appeared on the national broadcaster RTE (6.1 News) claiming the alleged sabotage of the “MV Saoirse” could have ended in the death of those on board because the propeller shaft could have broken away causing substantial damage to the engine. He applied his usual invective about “really foul means… directly endangering lives” etc. 

Similarly, Fintan Lane, another high profile pro-Palestinian campaigner, called the act “murderous”.  

“This wasn't designed to stop the ship from leaving its berth. Instead it was intended that the fatal damage to the ship would occur while she was at sea and would have resulted in the deaths of several of those on board. This was a potentially murderous

...More >>

A perfectly rational and eloquent explanation for why the "Freedom Flotilla" activists are all insufferable douchebags.

More >>



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