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According to the BBC, a 15-year old girl in the Maldives is raped by her stepfather -- and is sentenced to 100 lashes for having premarital sex.

But don't judge. It's their culture.More >>

Sign of the times: a pack of Islamist thugs tried to force a Hindu man to convert to Islam in the street. When he refused, they beat him up and slashed his tongue.

This didn't happen in some backwater hellhole like Pakistan.

It happened in Bonn, Germany.

The reason you probably haven't heard about it already is that most mainstream media outlets  have already chopped out their own tongues when it comes to reporting this kind of theocratic fascism happening daily in the Western world.More >>

reaper predator drone pakistan waziristan frontier province terror al queda taliban usa war politicsAn Open Letter To The US Government Re: A Modest Proposal For Pakistan

To Whom It May Concern,

I am very much concerned by developments in Pakistan. You may be aware of the recent assassination of the governor of Punjab province, Salman Tasee. Mr. Tasee was in all probability killed by an Islamist fruitcake for opposing an unjust blasphemy law which is used to target women and religious minorities.

This would be the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. At this point, that country is basically lost to the extremists. It's only going to get worse. And not just for them. For everyone.

You might ask why I am writing to you, since my concern might be more appropriately addressed to the government of Pakistan. Indeed, to get to the root of the problem of rampant Islamist terror emanating from Pakistan, their political leaders must engage this scourge head-on.

Since this isn’t happening, we are left to address the symptoms of the problem of Islamist violence, especially where it manifests in...More >>

salman rushdie islamist threat islamofascism terror fatwah iran muslim western liberalThe Satanic Verses author Salman Rushdie explains the nature of the Islamist threat against the West as well as against Muslims in countries that incubate radicalism:

One of the things that liberal opinion in the West doesn't understand is that there actually is an enemy. There actually is an enemy that means us harm. And they're not just going to go away if you're nice to them.

But it's also important to remember that that enemy is also an enemy of people in Muslim countries. As I say, the people most oppressed by the Pakistani based Kashmiri radicals are the people of Kashmir, who are Muslim. The people oppressed by the Taliban are Muslims in Afghanistan. Today in Iraq the people who are being killed by Muslims are other Muslims.

There is a common enemy that is as inimical to Muslims as well as to the West. The fact is that it certainly exists. It's not a pipe dream. You don't have to be a right-winger to think this...

...More >>

tarek fatah the jew is not my enemy fascism islamofacism terror antisemitism left right politics"The Jew Is Not My Enemy" author Tarek Fatah pointed last night to one of the biggest challenges facing moderate Muslims who oppose Islamic extremism: the West's politically-correct embrace of the most medieval, fascist-leaning Muslims in their midst.

Fatah made his remarks at Vancouver's Temple Shalom. He condemned "interfaith dialogue" and government agency consultations with unprogressive Muslim imams as worse than useless. "Who asked you to promote the most medieval segments of our society?" Fatah asked.

He noted that when politicians and community leaders want to reach out to the Muslim community, they do not contact leaders like Rogers CEO Nadir Mohamed or Senator Mobina Jaffer. Instead, the first point of contact is almost invariably with Muslim Imams who openly lead prayers for the defeat of the "kafir" (non-Muslims). This is empowering the most extreme and unprogressive leaders while utterly demoralizing Muslim moderates who oppose clerical fascism and terror.

"Identity politics" has also undermined the West's ability to deal with a new kind of fascism that contains a virulent strain of...More >>


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