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Iran nuclear bomb

Not just one of their regular ones, either. We're talking about the big one. Can we, you know, deal with this, already?

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As of late, what with the Iranian nuclear issue heating up, there are cries and suggestions that the supposedly unbreakable Israel-Washington bond will prompt the U.S., at the very minimum, to approve Israel's potential strike on Iran. This relationship is already dangerous enough, many say, but couple this with hawkish views on violence and you have the US military as a powerful tool of Israel that the US can and will deploy at Israel's behest.

Let's take a look at the facts, shall we?

For all of this make any sense, only one premise needs to be agreed upon: the basis that politicians respond to money. After all, isn't that why we are so ardently (and rightfully) averse to the idea of "Corporate personhood" upheld by Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission?

For the 2012 election cycle: compare the monetary contributions of real estate interest groups, which has contributed an aggregate total of $253,290,163 to Washington, law interest groups at $86,656,519, and Israeli interest groups -- coming in with a relatively dismal $5,662,108. As a matter of fact, the money that real...More >>

Iranium Bonus Footage. "These children are sitting on the stones. This is their school, while they keep building missiles and rockets and a nuclear bomb. They give it to the Hezbollah and Hamas and Palestinians and all over the world. But the children of Iran are suffering."More >>


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