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Freedom flotilla Gaza

When I recently called for the Freedom Flotilla "activists" to do some actual good and perhaps bring help by sea to Syria's suffering refugees, I had no real expectation that any would take me up on it. And they haven't, though some have indeed arrived in the Syrian capital to... oh, this is too good.

Wait for it... wait for it...

To stand in solidarity with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad against "the schemes being plotted against him."

They're not even trying to hide what they're about anymore. 

The Flotidiots have proudly revealed themselves as staunch defenders of a regime with a bloodthirsty reputation for repression, torture and mass killing and an ideology suffused with a totalitarianism, anti-Semitism, and daydreams about genocide.

Let their comrades already slinking back to their own countries in defeat try to explain this latest disgrace. They are known by the company they keep.

Jonathon Narvey is the Editor of The Propagandist

H/T EoZ...More >>

The Propagandist magazine politics political propaganda commentary opinionOnce more, The Propagandist presents the best of the best from the last week or so of our hard-hitting propaganda dispatches. Feel free to tweet us, like us on Facebook and stumble us on StumbleUpon. You know the drill:

Confusion to our enemies!...More >>

A devastating explosions at a naval base in Cyprus this week killed 12 people, injured 62 others and knocked out 50 percent of their electricity supply. The huge blasts occurred at a seized Iranian weapons cache. The blasts were so intense they completely destroyed the cache and blew out almost all the windows in a nearby fishing village called Zygi, which is a popular destination for tourists. Hours later fires were reportedly still raging. Journalists were prevented from reaching the Zygi or the naval base.

The blasts occurred in the containers of Iranian munitions seized from the Cypriot flagged vessel M/V Monchegorsk in January 2009. It was intercepted by the US navy in the eastern Mediterranean, from where it was taken to Cyprus. This story didn’t make much impact until a UN Security Council panel asserted that the shipment violated an arms embargo against Iran, adopted as part of a 2007 UN sanctions resolution. The resolution asserted that “Iran shall not supply, sell or transfer from its territory any arms and related materiel, and that all states shall prohibit the procurement of such items from Iran.” These sanctions were imposed due to their refusal to halt their nuclear...More >>

The Freedom Flotilla to Gaza organized by "pro-Palestinian activists" with organziational and financial support from Hamas has descended from high drama into comic farce. Condemned by the United Nations and individual countries for carrying out needless "provocations", these activists have also faced lawsuits and a thousand blow-backs that would humble a more self-aware group of human beings.

The Propagandist's Contributing Writer Patrick Ross talks with Editor Jonathon Narvey about what has happened and what is likely to come next.

Oh the brazen effrontery! With the news that Pro-Palestinian activists have engaged in widespread flytillas, and still hope to defy Greece’s decision not to allow the flotilla to sail from its territory to break a legal blockage against terrorists that rule a de facto self-governing state, where Spanish activists continue to occupy their nation’s Embassy, and are apparently still on a hunger strike outside the American Embassy (hope there isn’t a McDonalds nearby), it seems the disappointed and frustrated flotilla activists are determined to cause trouble in whichever unfortunate country they find themselves.

Indeed the desperation of their actions is a telling feature of their fanaticism. Participants in the "Freedom Flotilla" present themselves as a group of “humanitarians” and “activists” attempting to bring “critical aid” to the “starving people of Gaza” who live in a “giant prison”. The same words are used continually, almost as if reading from a script. 

However, the truth is somewhat different. It is well known that Israel brings in several thousand of tons of aid in on a weekly basis, and the pro-Palestinian reports of mass starvation were thoroughly debunked last year....More >>

On Thursday the 30th of June it emerged that the “MV Saoirse”, the Irish ship in the much publicised pro-Palestinian flotilla to Gaza, had been damaged whilst at dock in Turkey, and could not proceed on its supposedly “humanitarian” voyage, as they ever-impartial media put it. The story included detailed and quite melodramatic accusations of sabotage. Israel was of course the culprit in these conspiracies.

The media gave a lot of credence to these claims. Irish far-left MP and all-around friend to political Islamists Richard Boyd-Barrett, appeared on the national broadcaster RTE (6.1 News) claiming the alleged sabotage of the “MV Saoirse” could have ended in the death of those on board because the propeller shaft could have broken away causing substantial damage to the engine. He applied his usual invective about “really foul means… directly endangering lives” etc. 

Similarly, Fintan Lane, another high profile pro-Palestinian campaigner, called the act “murderous”.  

“This wasn't designed to stop the ship from leaving its berth. Instead it was intended that the fatal damage to the ship would occur while she was at sea and would have resulted in the deaths of several of those on board. This was a potentially murderous

...More >>

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