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Flyng Colors

Flying Colors Jonathan Danilowitz politics civil rights Israel gay rightsFlying Colors
By Jonathan Danilowitz
Smashwords 2012, 111 pp.

Flying Colors is a deeply personal account by Jonathan Danilowitz of coming to terms with his own homosexuality after years of in-the-closet self-criticism. It's also a very political book, covering one of the most publicized civil rights cases of the 1990s -- one in which Danilowitz played a key role. An unlikely activist, Danilowitz takes us through the formative accomplishments of the gay rights movement and opening our eyes to just how different our society was only a few years ago. This thoughtful, emotion-packed book is a stark reminder of just how much progress has been made in so little time; but also, how much effort it took for the activists to get us here.

The story begins with Danilowitz, a Jew growing up in South Africa under the Apartheid regime, where our protagonist begins at a very young age to get an idea of how irrational hatred divides humanity. He is forbidden by his parents from playing with his black friend in public,...More >>


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