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Karim Delgado is a former military journalist with the Marine Corps, where he deployed in support of various humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations throughout Southeast Asia. He is currently majoring in philosophy at Columbia University, but took a break from school the first half of this year to work as a civilian videographer for the U.S. Special Forces in Afghanistan. During this time, he documented the work of special forces teams throughout the country and their efforts to empower Afghans through the improved security, governance and development of their own villages.

Here is a link to Karim's short film using footage from his time in Afghanistan, Humans of Afghanistan, and an excerpt from the artist's statement (available in full at the link):

When I arrived back in the States, everybody wanted to talk with me about Afghanistan. It was very difficult for me, even to hear the name; I just wanted to hide somewhere private and cry. I couldn't really understand why that was for a while. But I think I've come to realize that here in the West, people's opinions about the region, its people and the war have really congealed into this sickening sort of knee-jerk

...More >>

The Vancouver Chapter of Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan (CW4WAfghan) will host a Breaking Bread event Friday, 1 June 2012 at Shaughnessy United Church, 1550 West 33rd Avenue, Vancouver to present the acclaimed documentary film, "Out of the Ashes," which traces the rise of the Afghan Men's Cricket Team from refugees to the world stage, followed by a talk from photographer and filmmaker Leslie Knott, the co-producer and director of the film.

About the Film

Against a backdrop of war and poverty, Out of the Ashes traces the extraordinary journey of a team of young Afghan men as they chase a seemingly impossible dream - shedding new light on a nation beyond burqas, bombs, drugs and devastation. This feature-length documentary film follows the Afghan cricket team in their quest against the odds to qualify for the World Cup. Watch a trailer here.
The event starts at 6:15PM with a reception and marketplace; 7:00PM will be a buffet dinner provided by Margarita Trifonova.

See ticket information below.

About the Speaker
Leslie Knott is a filmmaker and photographer who has worked in Afghanistan for the past eight years. In 2004...More >>

As revolution swept over Egypt beginning in January of this year, foreign news networks jostled over each other in Cairo’s Tahrir Square. Camera equipment tangling in the feet of the crowds, well known anchors yelled their reports above the noise of demonstrators. It was the place to be. Live coverage of the protestors, the police and the speeches beamed over the airwaves of CNN, ABC, the BBC and other networks from around the world. The unsatisfactory response of Mubarak’s government was laid bare for the world to see, inescapable from the cameras, and the scrutiny of their audiences in living rooms from Moscow to Montreal.

In homes far away from the streets of Cairo, we were glued to our television sets, to the unforgettable images of the throngs of people who had flooded the square, refusing to back down until they achieved the overthrow of a regime that had long held democracy at bay and made freedom an abstraction. Soon, we would need to divide our attention back to the aftermath of the Tunisian revolution, and forward to the unfolding civil war in Libya.

There was little time left for the beginnings of other revolutions, in Yemen, or Syria. And...More >>


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