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Egypt Copt genocide

Egypt's Copts are done for.

The Christian sect is already fleeing the country in droves after the Arab Spring has emboldened Islamist supremacists to carry out ethnic cleansing -- with the full cooperation of the Egyptian military.

Close to 100,000 Christians have already fled Egypt. Any Copy with the means to do so will surely get out of a country where their daughters are kidnapped and raped, their sons torutured and murdered and their places of worship burned to the ground.

In the latest "cycle of violence", Egyptian security forces joined in with a Muslim mob bringing terror and death to group of Coptic protesters who were ironically demonstrating against the terror and death Muslim mobs have been bringing to Copts. A video of the violence clearly shows the driver of an Egyptian military armored vehicle trying to run over scores of Copt protesters.

Of course, this is not entirely a new phenomenon. The ethnic cleansing of Christians in Egypt has been going on since 639 AD, when Muslims first invaded the country. This is only the final stage in the attempted extermination of a people -- one that has already been repeated...More >>


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