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dictator fashion

uzbek president dictatorship politicsForeign Policy has an amusing photo essay up comparing dictator fashion trends, called The Devil Wears Taupe. As they point out,

Not all the world's dictators are clotheshorses, but as these leaders show, sometimes politics, power and polyester combine to make fashion magic.

There’s Fidel and Raúl Castro who “have for decades set the standard in dress for guerrillas-turned-autocrats”, Robert Mugabe’s “tie and pocket square always perfectly matched”, or Chávez’s “three favorite red outfits, ranging from dictator-classic to resort wear” to the platform shoes sported by Kim Jong-il to add those couple of extra inches needed when one's job is to keep the masses in perpetual fear. Whether you've got to get dressed to plan an election fraud, oversee a torture session, or give a 14 hour speech, you've got to get the style that says, "I control you" just right. 

Check it out here.

I see Islam Karimov, who usually wears a simple navy suit and red tie, didn't make the cut. Too Hilfiger pedestrian I guess... he lacks that certain je ne sais quoi in his wardrobe needed...More >>


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