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Chinese crony capitalism

Yet another invented term being used to silence criticism of Chinese state-owned firms and its billionaire elites trying to get away with the kind of shenanigans that ought to make true "anti-imperalists" blush with embarassment. Terry Glavin writes:

Beijing’s taxis have had their rear window cranks removed lest reformists take the advantage of a cab ride to heave out leaflets. Kite flying has been banned. The usual Internet firewalls have been so heavily armoured that even “18th party congress” searches are blocked. Uncounted thousands of petitioners, activists and lawyers have been rounded up, subjected to house arrest, confined in detention centres and imprisoned in labour camps.


Zhou Yongkang, the grimy security minister overseeing these obscenities, just happens to be the former boss of the China National Petroleum Corporation — banker to the vampires who run Syria, Tehran and Uzbekistan, and now, via its subsidiary Petro-China, an emerging power in Alberta’s oilsands. Small world, isn’t it?

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