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Burma Campaign

Government of Myanmar

While the Government of Myanmar would have you believe all is now well, since it's sudden embrace of at least the idea of democracy, the regime's track record to date suggests an inertia in actually dismantling many of the hallmarks of its notoriously brutal repression of the Burmese people.More >>

On October 29th, Moe Bu will jump from a plane over two miles up to raise funds for Burma Campaign UK. Here is a message from Moe, courtesy of the Burma Campaign UK:

Dear friend
My name is Moe Bu and I am a Karenni refugee and a student nurse in the UK. On Saturday 29th October I am jumping from over 2 miles up in the air from a plane to raise funds for Burma Campaign UK.
I am doing it in memory of my mother, for my family and to stop the killing in Eastern Burma.
Please support me in my jump by sponsoring me now at:
When I was 10 years old Burmese soldiers came to my village and forced us from our village. In the relocation camp, we were not allowed to go out to find food or work. We lived in this camp for over a year before returning home.  
After further attacks I fled to a refugee camp in Thailand with 20 other girls. It took us nearly 3 months to walk through the

...More >>

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