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great israeli-style vegan food!

The news of an Israeli Mezze Station in the Harvard Business School cafeteria stuck in the craw of a Lebanese Harvard grad. She posted a protest on her Facebook page claiming that the featured foods couldn’t possibly be Israeli because they are also eaten elsewhere. Couscous is a North African staple, hummus is of Egyptian origin, and so on.

So what’s the point?

If she saw a Tunisian Food Station with couscous and harissa hot sauce, would she fire off an angry missive complaining that this dish is also served in Libya? If the dining hall responded by serving up the same food at a Libyan Station, would she turn around and protest that Harvard had grievously offended Tunisia?

Of course not. There would be no logic to such complaints, just as there is no logic to her protest about the Israeli Mezze Station.

What she really can’t stomach is the mention of a country she has been trained to hate: Israel. That’s okay. She is free to spend the rest of her life wallowing in hatred. It will only give...More >>

Those of us who are committed to finding a peaceful solution to the thorny issue of the Arab-Israeli conflict - one which will allow both Palestinians and Israelis to live and prosper without the eternal threat of violence – can be sure of one thing. The extremism, hatred and incitement employed by terror organisations and their fellow travellers in the Red-Green alliance are constantly at work to try to douse that tiny flame of hope.

As was the case in previous years, new attempts to undermine Israel's legitimacy by engineering highly publicised stunts with potentially violent outcomes are planned for the coming months. The first of these is scheduled for March 30th 2012 and is named the 'Global March to Jerusalem'.

The concept is to have masses of people (the organisers are hoping for a million) gathering on Israel's borders with Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt and demanding to reach Jerusalem. Concurrently, demonstrations are planned in the Palestinian-administered territories and against Israel's diplomatic missions in cities around the world.

The march's organisers describe it as a potential 'tipping point' in the protracted conflict and the common denominator of its varied supporters is that they...More >>

book burning nazi communist antisemitism europe israel palestinian politics ideologyToday I attended the 25th International Book Fair in Jerusalem. I don't have my finger on the statistics, but Israelis, the "people of the book", are said to buy more books per capita than any other nation on earth.

One of the pleasures of the book fair are the literary discourses and lectures that abound. I attended a round-table discussion between David Ehrlich and Angelo Pezzana. David is a published Israeli author (in Hebrew). Angelo has published five books, in Italian. Both own and run bookstores, David's in Jerusalem, Angelo's in Turin.

David asked Angelo what price he had had to pay as an "out" gay man in Italy, having come out 40 years ago. "To be honest," said the Italian, "I never had to pay any price. On the contrary: Although Italy lags way behind Israel and most of Europe in legislation protecting the homosexual community, nobody bothered me. Because I was open, I never lived the false, double life that drags one down so miserably. I was open, and people accepted me at face value"....More >>

z-word blog jewish zionist propaganda politics essays middle east

The Propagandist is excited to announce that the hard-hitting Z Word blog is going to continue its fight under the banner of our magazine.

As many of our regular readers will know, Z Word was created by the American Jewish Committee as an online journal dedicated to exploring the moral, philosophical, political and historical issues arising from the conflicts in the Middle East, particularly - although not exclusively - as they relate to the issues of Zionism, anti-Zionism and antisemitism.

These issues have also been taken up by The Propagandist from the very beginning in our “Zionist Propaganda” section. We introduced this category noting:

Why focus on stories about one particular ethnic group and country (Jews and Israel) in this section? You might ask the same question of countless millions of propagandists from the other side who single out the “Zionists” while ignoring everything else – in particular, the fascists living right next door to the Middle East’s only democracy.

Henceforth, our “Zionist Propaganda” section changes to Z Word. This section will continue to...More >>

tarek fatah the jew is not my enemy fascism islamofacism terror antisemitism left right politics"The Jew Is Not My Enemy" author Tarek Fatah pointed last night to one of the biggest challenges facing moderate Muslims who oppose Islamic extremism: the West's politically-correct embrace of the most medieval, fascist-leaning Muslims in their midst.

Fatah made his remarks at Vancouver's Temple Shalom. He condemned "interfaith dialogue" and government agency consultations with unprogressive Muslim imams as worse than useless. "Who asked you to promote the most medieval segments of our society?" Fatah asked.

He noted that when politicians and community leaders want to reach out to the Muslim community, they do not contact leaders like Rogers CEO Nadir Mohamed or Senator Mobina Jaffer. Instead, the first point of contact is almost invariably with Muslim Imams who openly lead prayers for the defeat of the "kafir" (non-Muslims). This is empowering the most extreme and unprogressive leaders while utterly demoralizing Muslim moderates who oppose clerical fascism and terror.

"Identity politics" has also undermined the West's ability to deal with a new kind of fascism that contains a virulent strain of...More >>

The Propagandist is proud to welcome Ben Cohen, editor of the AJC's Z-Word Blog, to the growing ranks of our contributing writers.

Cohen’s ambitious four-part series examines the philosophy and motivations behind international delegitimization campaigns against the state of Israel. His starting point is a sympathetic critique of Israeli scholar Yoram Hazony’s essay, Israel Through European Eyes.

Delegitimize Israel apartheid zionist state political propagandaWe are in this thing for the long haul.

By this thing, I mean the tripartite assault upon Israel emanating from "the media... the campuses and in the corridors of power - a smear campaign of a kind that no other nation on earth is subjected to on a regular basis," as Yoram Hazony puts it.

Hazony makes this claim in "Israel Through European Eyes". In this popular essay, the Israeli scholar launches an enquiry into why this smear campaign is happening and what might be done to confront it.

Hazony's explanation of the intellectual origins of Israel's current, woeful predicament robustly counters the typical platitudes one encounters in discussions of how Israel should respond.

"Change your policy," insists the...More >>


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