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The Propagandist counts among its friends and allies a number of brass-knuckles socialists who can be counted on to stand up for real progressive values.

But there are good socialists and there are bad socialists. And then, you have a third significant group, losers who call themselves socialists but really are just imperialism-obsessed stooges for reactionary regimes. This group includes some of the wankers behind the Socialist Voice, which closed its digital doors this week:

We’re proud of what we have achieved, but our commitments to broader movements for justice and social change have made it difficult for the editors to devote the time that a publication of this scope requires.


So we have reluctantly decided to suspend publication indefinitely.

Socialist Voice, you will not be missed. Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.

Bonus Video. Noam Chomsky ties himself into knots answering a question about the the meaning of the word socialism.

...More >>

maradona by kusturica, documentary film review, anti-imperialism, 21st century socialismMaradona By Kusturica is a documentary about Argentinean soccer star Diego Maradona, regarded by many as the world's greatest modern player. It's also an homage to socialism and anti-imperialism.

Diego Armando Maradona on the soccer field was an exeptional phenomenon. His outrageous ball technique made him one of the best soccer players in history. Under his team leadership the Argentinians won the World Soccer Championship 1986 in Mexico, thanks to his infamous “hand of God” goal against England in the quarter final.

Maradona off the soccer field made headlines with excessive cocaine parties, alcoholism and his anti-imperialist agenda. This made him kind of a mascot for the protagonists of “socialism of the 21st century” presenting himself side by side with Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales and later Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Serbian filmmaker Emir Kusturica´s uncritical eye makes this film a glorification of a man who wasn´t made for the world off the soccer field. Kusturica allows Maradona to present himself as the hero he never was. Maradona beat his wife and cheated on...More >>

anti-imperialist universal human rights sohrab ahmari guardian newspaper left wing mediaIn the past the accusation has certainly been made that the centre-left media has a tendency to always sing from the same song sheet, that they simply don’t represent the plurality of opinions and free comment that they claim to be so commendably in favor of.  For the most part I’ve tended to agree that the evidence laid out for all to see on the pages of the editorials of the major left leaning newspapers would support this claim.  Yet every so often an opinion piece will appear that breaks the mold and this week two such article caught my attention.

The first was in the comment section of the Guardian, usually notorious for just how extreme the views expressed there can be.  The piece in question was by Sohrab Ahmari and simply titled Beware those who sneer at 'human rights imperialism'.  Ahmari mounts an admirable attack against the morally redundant arguments of his fellow Guardian journalist Stephen Kinzer who has claimed that Human Rights groups are embarking on a kind of western imperialism of moral values.  As Ahmari rightly...More >>


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