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The Propagandist magazine is for political junkies, thinking conservatives and the anti-fascist left. Our political commentary is often earnest, sometimes quirky, occasionally satirical and always provocative.

The Propagandist's Editor Jonathon Narvey interviews Butterflies & Wheels author Ophelia Benson about feminism and why it gets such a bad rap -- even from some who might be considered natural allies. 

The Propagandist Editor Jonathon Narvey interviews Political Action Committee Citizens for an Operational Government founder Chris Drose about breaking the partisan Republican-Democrat deadlock in Washington.

The Propagandist magazine political commentary world politics news

The Propagandist Editor Jonathon Narvey interviews Abigail Esman, a New York and Amsterdam-based writer and author of "Radical State: How Jihad Is Winning Over Democracy In the West" on the topic of stealth jihad.

The Propagandist magazine political commentary world politics news

As Islamists in Europe call for  Canadian Muslim lesbian author Irshad Manji to be murdered for her views on radical Islam, the question of how immigration impacts culture and politics is once more drawn out in the open.

Political blogger Walker Morrow was interviewed recently by The Propagandist magazine editor Jonathon Narvey about immigration and cultural clashed in Europe, Geert Wilders and the fallout from Anders Breivik.

Free Thinking Film Festival organizer Fred Litwin is interviewed by The Propagandist Editor Jonathon Narvey.

This unique film festival presents documentaries that espouse the values of limited, democratic government, free market economies, equality of opportunity rather than equality of result, and the dignity of the individual. Find out how Litwin chooses films for the festival and what he thinks of Canada's state broadcaster.

The Propagandist Editor Jonathon Narvey interviews Ottawa Citizen Managing Editor Andrew Potter about his recent column in Maclean's Magazine, "The trouble with too much democracy."

Potter suggests the American system of government is broken, as witnessed by increasing intransigence in Congress and the Senate. It might be improved with a few less checks and balances on executive power.

Is too much democracy really the problem? Listen to the podcast.

The Propagandist Editor Jonathon Narvey talks with Terry Glavin, author of "Come from the Shadows: The Long and Lonely Struggle for Peace in Afghanistan" about his book. Can the war be won when Western governments are so confused about its goals and the "antiwar movement" seems so bent on providing cover for the Taliban and others who wage a proxy war against the fledgling democracy in Afghanistan?

The Propagandist's Editor for Central and South Asia Lauryn Oates talks with Editor Jonathon Narvey about the progress that has been made so far in Afghanistan. There is no question that large parts of Afghanistan are better off now than they were under the Taliban theocracy. Women's rights are particularly improved, though that improvement is relative and is in danger of being pushed back entirely.

The first rule of conversation in polite company is to not talk about religion or politics. We're not overly concerned about being polite and neither is the guest for this podcast: Ophelia Benson, the author of "Does God Hate Women?" and publisher of the popular blog, Butterflies and Wheels.

Some see propaganda as the bottom shelf of public relations -- something regrettable "that came out of the war years". While some of The Propagandist's contributing writers have been attracted to the mischeivous brand name, others have opted to look past it as they work for the cause, while a third group of talented pundits may have been put off by the moniker entirely.

As a single boat from the infamous "Freedom Flotilla" to Gaza is intercepted without incident by the Israeli navy (which notes the presence of not one gram of humanitarian aid on board the ship, naturally) and the entire pathetic effort limps into history, The Propagandist's Editor Jonathon Narvey talks with Jonathan Danilowitz about the Israeli Apartheid lie.

The Freedom Flotilla to Gaza organized by "pro-Palestinian activists" with organziational and financial support from Hamas has descended from high drama into comic farce. Condemned by the United Nations and individual countries for carrying out needless "provocations", these activists have also faced lawsuits and a thousand blow-backs that would humble a more self-aware group of human beings.

The Propagandist's Contributing Writer Patrick Ross talks with Editor Jonathon Narvey about what has happened and what is likely to come next.

The Propagandist Editor Jonathon Narvey talks with Contributing Writer Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi about the hard road ahead for democracy and dissent in Iraqi Kurdistan, long-held as a sucess story by the international media in the context of an Iraq still recovering from years of dictatorship, war and insurgency. We look at this issue in the context of the Arab Spring that has revolutionized the politics of the Middle East.

In The Propagandist's second podcast, The Propagandist Editor Jonathon Narvey talks with China-based Contributing Writer Christopher Michael Luna about the prospects for democracy in China and the so-called Jasmine Revolution. Hilarity does not ensue.

In The Propagandist's first podcast episode, we discuss what the magazine is about, why so many commenters call us douchebags and why we're so darn optimistic about the future  of our media revolution for thinking conservatives and brass-knuckles socialists. Enjoy.


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