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Z Word

Apartheid photo. Black and white

How easy for Roger Cohen, in 2013, to smear the Jews of South Africa living in the dark days of apartheid.More >>

Another New York Times smear against Jews.

Another shameful op ed in the New York Times.More >>

Christians flee persecution in the Muslim Middle East.

Christians are disapearing from the Middle East.More >>

US President Barack Obama and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Wonder why the American President and Israeli PM have such stark leadership styles when it comes to "red lines"? Here's a hint.More >>

The leader of the free world has a chat with some guy.

Being the leader of the free world means sometimes having to respond to the transgressions of democracy’s enemies.More >>

When Israelis say they have red lines, believe them.

The USA may not be willing to enforce its "red line" on Syria, but at least the USA can get behind Israelis when they do it.More >>

Ignore Arab terrorism against Israel at our peril.

To justify (or ignore) the terrorism aimed at Israel in order to force the Arab-Israel conflict issue is short-sighted.More >>

One solution to the Middle East's eternal conflict.

Move the Jews to Wyoming, writer Paul Auster jokingly suggests. Er, ha, ha. Um, right...More >>

Palestinian Fatah promotes terror on Facebook.

Social networking sure helps you build your brand and get your message out to your followers!More >>

Just another hate-fest organized by Students Against Israeli Apartheid. Islamists, keffieh-wrapped lefties and a few clueless Jews at a notorious Canadian university unite to slam Israel.More >>



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