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World Politics

The Propagandist salutes the warriors on the front line.


Canada's got nothing to apologize for when it comes to the United Nations

"We walk out of meetings because North Korea is in the chair. Like that’s supposed to be a bad thing?"More >>

When Russians debate philosophy, remember to duck.

Two Russians walk into a bar. They debate Immanuel Kant's philosophy. One man shoots the other.More >>

Will Obama's incompetence could get the USA out of this looming war?

Obama wanted to go to war with Syria, but then he didn't, but maybe he still does, oh who the hell knows anymore.More >>

Will US President Obama go to war in the Middle East?

As the US edges closer to a strike on Syria, the question looms: will he really do it? More to the point -- what exactly will he be doing?More >>

Dennis Rodman visits Kim Jong Un in North Korea... again.

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman has decided that now is the perfect time to go visit his "friend", Kim Jong Un.More >>

Will the West respond to chemical weapons use in Syria?

In terms of the human cost alone, Western dawdling has helped the Syrian crisis spin out of control.More >>

The Iranian regime hasn't changed, even if the New York Times says so.

The New York Times just doesn't get how the regime in Tehran operates.More >>

Was Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood in 2013 like the Nazis in 1933?

It's not an exact parallel -- but it's not farfetched to draw a comparison between Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood of a few weeks ago and Germany's Nazis in 1933.More >>

Egypt declares war on the Muslim Brotherhood.

Fortunately for Muslim Brotherhood supporters in the USA, the Obama administration pretty much has their back.More >>



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