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conspiracy theory middle east propaganda politics zionist arab westernThat massacre of the Christians in Iraq? The Jews did it. Oh, and all the rest of it, too. All of the IEDs, mosque bombings, incessant attacks making life hell in Iraq - they're the work of Mossad agents. They couldn't be caused by Al Queda or its allies, especially since Al Queda doesn't exist (and therefore, every other freelance jihadist group out there must be made up, too). This sick conspiracy theory is what is published in a slick website called Intifada. Voice of Palestine.

Here is what this loony-tunes writer has to say:

The bloody travesty of humanity that occurred on October 31st, 2010 which left 58 Iraqis dead in the Sayedat al-Najat Cathedral in Baghdad (4) was not the work of Al-Qaeda. The gunmen didn’t belong to Islamic State of Iraq. The homicidal shooters weren’t even Iraqi. The best way to honor the victims of senseless violence is to expose the truth of the attack. And the truth is, this massacre has Zionist fingerprints all over its blood-drenched structure.

It gets better (or worse):...More >>

taliban resistance afghanistan stopwar NATO war politics peace securityIn what sense are genocidal thugs who execute politicians, humanitarian aid workers, women and minorities with equal gusto members of a "resistance" movement?

In the wake of Canada's decision to maintain a military training mission in Afghanistan, the assinine maniacs at Stopwar provided the following instructions to their drones:

Civilian and military casualties are at record levels in Afghanistan. Even with 150,000 troops, the resistance has a heavy presence in most of the country. There is no indication that this will get better with the new extension. In fact, all indicators point to a deteriorating situation that is not being helped with more troops.

This is part of the latest call to action by Stopwar's Chief of Propaganda Derrick O'Keefe. So the question O'Keefe and his drones need to answer then is, what precisely is the "resistance"? Are we only including the Taliban, which is backed by such a popular movement that 94 percent of Afghans loathe them? Or perhaps he's including in the "resistance" those freelance jihadists from Chechnya, Saudi Arabia, Iran (not to mention London...More >>

the propagandist magazine online politics commentary opinion war human rightsOur allies and independent voices continue to report from the front lines. This war grinds on.

Confusion to our enemies....More >>

On reading the commentary about the disrupted Poppy Day ceremony from A. Millar of Hudson New York, it's not difficult to come to the conclusion that democracy in the UK has already gone to Hell.

Imagine what the group of Islamist radicals, calling itself Muslims Against Crusades, must have thought a few days ago. In Britain (as in Canada, New Zealand, and some other countries) it is a tradition to wear a poppy on November 11, to commemorate "Poppy Day," or what the Americans call "Armistice Day." The emblem comes from the poem In Flanders Fields by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae (1872-1918) of the Canadian army, when Flanders had been the site of continual warfare during World War I, and Lt. McCrae had invoked the poppies that grew wild in its fields to suggest the scale of the fatalities there. The poppy, with its red petals, and black center, is also reminiscent of a wound by a gunshot, and, as such, is worn with a certain mixture of pride and humility.


About 50 members of Muslims Against Crusades [MAC] turned up in central London carrying the black flag of Islam and banners reading "Islam will

...More >>

press freedom middle east journalists dictators khaled abu toamehEarlier this month, Khaled Abu Toameh wrote a very interesting article for Hudson New York, in which he points out that media coverage of the violation of press freedoms in Arab countries is more than underwhelming. He cites rather unheard-of cases in Saudi Arabia and Morocco, and the Egyptian government's wide-spread suppression of media voices that it doesn't like to hear - the case of Abdel Karim Suleiman comes to mind - and notes that in the mean-time, Israel's flirtation with rather milder versions of the same in regards to certain Al-Jazeera journalists in the past has received international outcry.

Here's the money-quote:

"Such practices against the media have always been commonplace in the Arab world. But the feeling among Arab journalists is that the Arab dictators have decided to step up the campaign against the media. As long as the West continues to turn a blind eye to such practices, independent and brave journalists will become an endangered species in the Arab world."

Khaled raises an excellent...More >>

In the question of whether Islam is at war with the West, The Propagandist has always taken a consistent line: No. A religion cannot be at war with anything. We are not fighting Islam. We are fighting Islamism (or jihadism, if you prefer) and its adherents; those religious fanatics who would use intimidation, everyday violence and terror to maintain an oppressive shariah law in Islamic nations and build the same medieval foundation outside the heart of the Islamic world - over the ashes of a beaten civilization, if need be.

But this footage from Mecca showing tens of thousands of Hajj pilgrims chanting "Death to America! Death to Israel" draws attention to the scale of a horrifying problem. Muslims from all over the world go to Mecca to fulfill their religious duty. They are supposed to be taking part in a spiritual journey, not an expedited course in radicalization and political indoctrination.

No one can claim that these chants are somehow "taken out of context". They are what they are. When you call for a nation's death, that is the equivalent...More >>

canada afghanistan mission NATO war politics alliesTerry Glavin injects some much-needed realism into analyzing the new Canadian commitment of 1,000 troops to the training of Afghanistan's security forces. Canada's new policy is an improvement over years of hinting at a near-total abandonment of the mission. But will it be enough? An excerpt from his latest essay:

Canadians should not be impressed to know that two of the four "key areas" of Canada's new mission still fall into the vaguely-defined "humanitarian assistance" and disingenuously-described "promoting regional diplomacy" categories. Anyone can chuck UN gruel bags from the back of a truck. "Regional diplomacy" is usually a euphemism for sinister triangulations between Riyadh, Islamabad and Tehran that threaten to sacrifice Afghan sovereignty on the altar of an Anglo-American exit-strategy. This is not good.

It is right and proper that Canada's first "key area" of post-2011 engagement refers to investments in education and health. But it is worrisome in the extreme that Canada's new 950-trainer contribution has been merely tacked on to what was first articulated as a priority for "advancing the rule of law and human rights."...More >>

With any luck, the "USA-Zionist-Facebook-Twitter conspiracy" will be last straw for apologists for the Khomeini regime, who must be getting sick and tired of always sticking up for hate-filled lunatics.

When someone suffers from paranoid delusions of bizarre plots against their life, they usually end up getting psychiatric counseling. In some countries, they still confine such mentally ill patients in padded cells. But what happens when a regime starts spouting these conspiracies through its propaganda ministries? There's just not enough padding to thoroughly wall in the twisted Iranian regime. It would be pathetic, if this government wasn't also intent on building nuclear weapons to threaten its neighbors.

Jonathon Narvey is the Editor of The Propagandist...More >>

kabul afghanistan conflict afghan tourism

To see the aftermath of the utter destruction of Kabul during the civil war of the 1990s, followed by the dark period of oppression imposed by the Taliban, is hardest of all for those who grew up in the Kabul of the 1950s, 60s, 70s or even 80s. For it is these Afghans who can still remember a cosmopolitan city where tradition and modernity mixed harmoniously, a place of old and distinguished character that simultaneously could offer many of the developed world's latest amenities. For the rest of us, a great deal of imagination is required to see into the past, beyond today's thick haze of pollution, out of control traffic, and the haphhazard reconstruction characterized by Pakistani-style narco-palaces, gaudy wedding halls, and forbidding compounds hidden behind barbed wire and concrete barriers.

I am one of those who relies on imagination rather than memory. I only know the complicated Kabul of today, a bustling, spirited and chaotic city sitting atop layers of history and rubble. It's a city from which the educated, the wealthy, and the cultural elites fled, and into which...More >>

asia bibi death sentence shariah cair oklahoma usa law politicsAsia Bibi is sentenced to death. Her crime? Touching a communal water bowl.

This doesn't make any sense, of course. Perhaps the situation becomes clearer if we learn that the woman is a Christian. No? OK, then. The "crime" occurred in a Pakistani rural village. Her accusers are Muslim. And even though she is not Muslim herself, she is subject to Islamic-inspired law.

Now it becomes clear. In any civilized country on Earth, not only would the woman be set free; the government would ensure that the police, lawyers and judge involved in the case were stripped of their titles and probably locked up themselves for violating this woman's rights. And let's be clear - it is not too much to categorize any country in the 21st century that governs itself by a 7th century medieval tribal code as uncivilized. We would not stand for this in our own land. We must not let such awful injustice pass without condemnation out of a misplaced soft bigotry of low expectations.

Increasingly, this sort of systematic injustice threatens to...More >>



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