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Western Propaganda

The brave muhajadin carried out their glorious raids against... shops, supermarkets and a karaoke bar.

Shops in Pattani City were closed on Monday and streets deserted, as residents stayed indoors fearing more violence. The bombing and arson campaign is being regarded as revenge for the killing of 16 militants who attacked a marine base in Narathiwat Province last Wednesday. It was the deadliest day the insurgents have suffered in almost a decade.
Almost 5,400 people have died, and more than 9,500 have been injured, since the insurgency started in earnest in 2004.

Note that this genocidal campaign against non-Muslims has been launched in "revenge" for the jihadists who died carrying out attacks. It's like bank robbers, failing to get into the vault on their first attempt and losing a number of their crew to security guards, taking revenge on the bank with another heist.

The racket is always the same. Islamists create chaos in areas they want to control. When security forces stand by helpless to respond, people who can move away do so. Finally, the jihadists move in and offer "security" to the exhausted and demoralized remainder -- in exchange for acceptance of sharia law and conversion...More >>

Darth Pope on Pinterest

Given that Popes these days seem to have to spend so much of their time covering up massive corruption...More >>

People's Republic of China former Vice-President Xi Jinping

But if you're a Chinese Communist Party boss, at least try to be discreet with your, er, lifestyle problems during this holiday season. That will be all, Comrade.More >>


Hope that he misses with his first shot. Then punch him with a straight shot to the face.

It's not a 100 percent solution, but it seems to have worked this time.

Critic of Islamist fascism in Europe Lars Hedegaard successfully defends himself from an assassin who doesn't seem to have gotten the message about freedom of speech in Europe... or maybe he has.More >>

Ahmadinejad with friends

A Egyptian protester tries to smack Iran's President with a shoe.More >>

Thirty years of increasingly chaotic economic mismanagement by the Mugabe regime in Zimbabwe has brought Africa's former "breadbasket" to the perilous predicament of having just $217 left in its bank account.

The debt-ridden USA and most of the countries of Europe ought to take note; you're not immune to the laws of economics, either.More >>

Uh, seriously. Does anyone know? It's been rumor, confirmation, denial, more rumor and a whole lot of speculation, apparently topped with a heavy dose of wishful thinking.

Intelligence personnel are invited to provide evidence in the comments.

Adding insult to injury. Lawyer Sergei L. Magnitsky was investigating the kleptocratic habits of the Russian state when the regime poked back. His supporters claim he was beaten and refused medical treatment in prison... and so he died.

But death wasn't enough for the regime.

Judge Igor B. Alisov promptly postponed the trial because the defendants did not appear in the courtroom — as expected — but neither did lawyers representing their interests.

Posthumous criminal cases are rare in international practice, most often allowed only when relatives want to clear the name of a suspect, and rarely at the behest of the police, criminal law experts say. When a suspect dies, the question of guilt or innocence is usually rendered moot.

More >>

The West needs to deal robustly with human rights violators. Listening, Saudi Arabia?Hmmmm. I'll say... robustly? Yeah. That's the word.

From the Institute for Middle Eastern Democracy:

According to Freedom House’sWorld Index, Saudi Arabia belongs to the ‘worst of the worst’ countries in the world.


Despite such an appalling human rights record, the kingdom is the West’s oldest and one of our closest allies in the Arab world.

This is our history. It is nothing to be proud of.

The report is not particularly optimistic about our chances of actually getting this human-rights violating, terror sponsoring, genocide inciting state to change its ways. It suggests "managing the problem" -- reasonably enough, but not good enough.More >>

'Deified', North Korea, Pyongyang, Kim Il Sung Propaganda Mural

 U.N. human rights chief Navi Pillay says "an in-depth inquiry into one of the worst - but least understood and reported - human rights situations in the world is not only fully justified, but long overdue."

But why is it overdue? Was there something preventing the United Nations from, you know, maybe looking into this stuff earlier, instead of going after top-ranked human rights abusers like, oh, I don't know, Canada?

One Free Korea delivers the boom:

U.N. General Secretary Ban Ki Moon, who is of unknown origin, has yet to comment on the allegations of crimes against humanity on his watch, either in his current position or as South Korean Foreign Minister at the height of the Sunshine Policy.  When asked about Pillai’s statement, Ban simply looked up from Xi Jinping’s lap, smiled, and wagged his fluffy white tail.

...More >>



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