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Terry Glavin

Canada's got nothing to apologize for when it comes to the United Nations

"We walk out of meetings because North Korea is in the chair. Like that’s supposed to be a bad thing?"More >>

Will the West respond to chemical weapons use in Syria?

In terms of the human cost alone, Western dawdling has helped the Syrian crisis spin out of control.More >>

Moral illiterates defending jihad terrorism.

We can't prevent all terror attacks from happening. But can the moral illiterates at least stop covering for these monsters?More >>

Can we talk about Iraq like grown-ups now?

From the minute the first bombs fell in the early hours of March 20 in Baghdad it was the first duty of the Left to put its failed anti-war argument aside and put its shoulders to the wheel of building a properly functioning democratic Iraqi state.More >>

Syria ain't Iraq. And it sure as hell ain't Norway.

As we look back on the murderous muddle of the war and, er, peace in Iraq, Terry Glavin compares an intervention that was with an intervention that wasn't.More >>

So let's stop wasting time with so much Idle Chatter About The Imaginary Indian, writes Terry Glavin.

My point is: enough with the fixations on aboriginal hyper-authenticity and play-acting in period costume already. It is less a challenge to the status quo than a retrenchment of the status quo. There’s nothing new about this. It is a panoply of iterations in an Imaginary Indian Complex that is only as traditional as the tradition that white people began when they first started holding up funhouse mirrors for aboriginal people to see themselves in.

Read it all.More >>

In that order, if you please. It's time for Western nations and their citizenry to wake the hell up. We've been down this road of slavish "pacifism" and appeasement to fascists before and thankfully regained our senses in time to prevent the worst. Is there still hope that the international community can regain its wits when it comes to the Taliban and their Pakistani paymasters? Terry Glavin writes in the Ottawa Citizen:

The proper way to approach the Taliban is to treat them for what they are — the front-line shock troops of a grimly determined, extremist and fanatical proxy of the Pakistani military, Saleh said. “So, why would you even talk to the proxy? Talk to their masters. Talk to the Pakistanis.”

To redeem the enormous investments countries like Canada have made in Afghanistan, the NATO countries should renew their early commitments to the increasingly disenfranchised, pro-democracy Afghan majority, Saleh said. This will have to include leaving Afghanistan with more than just police stations and battalions of Afghan soldiers capable of dealing only with internal violence. Afghanistan’s greater need is the capacity to defend itself against its neighbours, primarily the regime in Pakistan....More >>

Yet another invented term being used to silence criticism of Chinese state-owned firms and its billionaire elites trying to get away with the kind of shenanigans that ought to make true "anti-imperalists" blush with embarassment. Terry Glavin writes:

Beijing’s taxis have had their rear window cranks removed lest reformists take the advantage of a cab ride to heave out leaflets. Kite flying has been banned. The usual Internet firewalls have been so heavily armoured that even “18th party congress” searches are blocked. Uncounted thousands of petitioners, activists and lawyers have been rounded up, subjected to house arrest, confined in detention centres and imprisoned in labour camps.


Zhou Yongkang, the grimy security minister overseeing these obscenities, just happens to be the former boss of the China National Petroleum Corporation — banker to the vampires who run Syria, Tehran and Uzbekistan, and now, via its subsidiary Petro-China, an emerging power in Alberta’s oilsands. Small world, isn’t it?

More >>

Terry Glavin unleashes both barrels on Islamist Barbarism’s ‘Gigantic Lurch Forward.’

This isn’t about a “clash of civilizations.” We should all know by now that the struggle for the final extinction of slavery is an existential contest between civilization and barbarism. There is no “Muslim threat” to civilization. The threat comes from those of civilization’s most privileged beneficiaries. It comes most lethally from those among us who would apologize and pander to the ruling-class barbarians in black turbans and in medal-bedecked uniforms who already hold the citizens of the “Muslim world” hostage.

More >>

Not only was Canada right to send the Iranian diplomatic corps packing; we were long overdue to give up this farce that required "Canadian diplomats to smile when Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khameini’s appointments secretaries spit in their faces," notes Terry Glavin in today's Ottawa Citizen.

Glavin takes direct aim at career Foreign Affairs bureaucrat Paul Heinbecker and his friends who have helped lead us down the garden path. We're done making nice with theocratic fascists intent on sparking the next world war.

My contention was that the rousting of Tehran’s agents from their Ottawa compound on Metcalfe Street and the shuttering our useless embassy in Tehran is at least a good start, and perhaps we might now turn to some more effective means of isolating, containing and ultimately assisting in the overthrow of the Khomeinist despotism that is the cause of all this grief in the first place. I’m hardly going to apologize for holding that view.


Heinbecker pleads for keeping diplomats to the fore because “we need to bear witness to the horrors.” Well no, actually, some of us would rather skip the horrors altogether, thanks. Something like 26,000 Syrians have already been slaughtered. The great Iranian people

...More >>



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