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Patrick Ross

George Zimmerman vs. the US justice system.

"Progressive" lynch mobs vs. American justice.More >>

Iran's Press TV focuses on Canadian tyranny. Sorry, what?

Iran's propaganda channel struggles mightily in finding news of actual relevance to slam its Western enemies.More >>

Iran's Press TV correspondent in Canada.

It takes a very special type of journalist to be a mouthpiece for the Iranian government in Canada.More >>

Diversity at university doesn't seem to include one minority.

If you’re a white heterosexual male you’re not included.More >>

Those who think that Roddenberry held an optimistic view of humanity’s future have managed to overlook some important concepts in the original series.More >>

The leader of the free world has a chat with some guy.

Being the leader of the free world means sometimes having to respond to the transgressions of democracy’s enemies.More >>

The Mandarin of Iron Man 3. Terrorist jerk-face.

Those who believe that terrorists are not really villains will probably not enjoy watching Iron Man 3.More >>

White racism behind terrorism threat?

Since the 2008 recession, “never let a crisis go to waste” has become the mantra of the left.More >>

New age racists indoctrinating kids in schools.

The “evidence” often presented by “anti-oppression” activists is quite often spectacularly squishy.More >>

G.I. Joe: Retaliation. The best war movie ever in the history of the world.

What do you expect from a G.I. Joe movie? Guns, vehicles, and violence. Aside from that, not much.More >>



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