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Middle Eastern Propaganda

Perhaps there is no more cruel and twisted example of the Islamic Republic of Iran's moral perversion than the practice of raping female prisoners prior to their executions.More >>

Change appears to be on the horizon for Saudi Arabia, where the demands for women's rights are growing louder.More >>

The world watches as Syrians die. Moral confusion everywhere.

Can anything be done to stop the slaughter in Syria?More >>

The future President of Egypt.

So long as there are young folks like this one around, there's hope. It might take a few years, though.More >>

The Egyptian army topples Morsi. Now what?

The revolution continues.More >>

Egypt is doomed, no matter what happens next.

The army's ultimatum to Morsi's government will make no difference. Egypt is already doomed.More >>

America is winning the War on Terror for the other side.

It's tricky to pinpoint the exact moment in history when America defected to the other side in the War on Terror. It has happened, though.More >>

The USA is handing over its war machines to its enemies.

Not so much spreading freedom as handing over high-tech weapons to autocratic regimes and terrorists alike.More >>

American tourists in Egypt face security risks. Who knew?

How about visiting a place where people don't want to murder you for wearing an American flag on your baseball cap?More >>

Philosopher Judith Butler is known for a unique style of writing.

McGill University is awarding Judith Butler an honourary degree. The question is: why?More >>



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