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Lisa Cheng

North Korea. The workers' paradise is an awful place to be a worker.

The worker's paradise of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea sure is an awful place to be a worker.More >>

Obama's cuts are getting blowback.

The budget cuts in the USA have Obama loyalists on the defensive.More >>

People's Republic of China former Vice-President Xi Jinping

But if you're a Chinese Communist Party boss, at least try to be discreet with your, er, lifestyle problems during this holiday season. That will be all, Comrade.More >>

'Deified', North Korea, Pyongyang, Kim Il Sung Propaganda Mural

 U.N. human rights chief Navi Pillay says "an in-depth inquiry into one of the worst - but least understood and reported - human rights situations in the world is not only fully justified, but long overdue."

But why is it overdue? Was there something preventing the United Nations from, you know, maybe looking into this stuff earlier, instead of going after top-ranked human rights abusers like, oh, I don't know, Canada?

One Free Korea delivers the boom:

U.N. General Secretary Ban Ki Moon, who is of unknown origin, has yet to comment on the allegations of crimes against humanity on his watch, either in his current position or as South Korean Foreign Minister at the height of the Sunshine Policy.  When asked about Pillai’s statement, Ban simply looked up from Xi Jinping’s lap, smiled, and wagged his fluffy white tail.

...More >>

There were tens of thousands of prisoners in North Korea's infamous prison camp. Where are they now?More >>

The idiots in this skit have nothing on the American politicians who ultimately failed to get a deal done by midnight last night to avoid the so-called "fiscal cliff". Even if they cobble together something in the next few hours or days, they'll still reek of failure.More >>

South Korea's newly-elected President Park Geun-Hye is already signalling she wants better relations with their northern neighbor.

Good luck with that.

Last time South Korea tried this, it was called the Sunshine Policy. It was an utter failure. In exchange for economic zones that almost entirely benefited Pyongyang, and boatloads of free food and fuel for the beggar-bully in the north, South Korea got zilch.

The North Korean regime can only attempt to justify its existence by demonizing an external enemy (whether that country wants to be an enemy or not). There can be no peace until the regime is toppled.More >>

Guess which news outlet comes out on top? One Free Korea has the scoop:

According to an exclusive, groundbreaking report AP from the frontier of journalism — Pyongyang — 100% of North Korean citizens interviewed by other North Koreans in a bar support Great Leader Kim Jong Un’s completely successful launch of a peaceful satellite despite the hostile policy of the imperialist Barack Obama!

 More >>

"Think of the economy as a car and the rich man as the driver. If you don't give the driver all the money, he'll drive you over a cliff. It's just common sense."

H/T Harry's PlaceMore >>



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