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Lauryn Oates

Perhaps there is no more cruel and twisted example of the Islamic Republic of Iran's moral perversion than the practice of raping female prisoners prior to their executions.More >>

Change appears to be on the horizon for Saudi Arabia, where the demands for women's rights are growing louder.More >>

In Russia, artificial emotion and bigotry on the streets are signs that there is still a long way to go to realize pluralism, democracy and free thinking.More >>

Afghanistan's future is uncertain, no thanks to the Obama administration.

Mixed signals from the Obama Administration about talking to the Taliban do a disservice to Afghans, and betray earlier promises.More >>

In a little reported attack in June, the terrorist group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi claimed responsibility for murdering 14 school girls and 11 others in two bombings that sent a clear message on where these particular extremists stand on the matter of girls' right to education.More >>

The highs and lows for women around the world in June 2013. On the nice list: NASA, Saudi Arabia, and the brave dissident women of Iran. On the naughty list: Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Pakistan.More >>

The Taliban are sticking bombs in their bums. Super creative, except for one small problem: the 'bumbs' don't really work.More >>

Iran has revised its penal code, but opted to keep the punishment of stoning to death for the crime of adultery, in defiance of international human rights law, global condemnation, and well, decency.More >>

Civil rights act being signed 1964

It's 2013, and black and white students are going to go to the same prom, for the first time ever.More >>

Anti-imperialist or proto-fascist?

We must be careful to distinguish between understanding the depravity of terrorism and justifying it.More >>



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