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Jacob Campbell

The European Union has a habit of doing things when they are least popular. At a time when the word “bailout” leaves a bad taste in the mouth, the EU has decided to commit itself to a further bailout fund – this time for the Palestinian Authority.

That Europeans can ill afford to play the role of global ATM in this age of austerity is of little or no concern to Eurocrats, who are wholly unaccountable to the people whose money they so eagerly squander. This is reason enough to be infuriated, but there’s more.

The Palestinian Authority claims that it needs the financial assistance to pay the salaries of its 170,000 civil servants. But with a substantial £8 million of its budget going to terrorists in Israeli gaols and the families of suicide bombers, it is apparent that some servants of the Palestinian regime are less civil than others. Regardless, we are paying them all.

The €22.5 million package might be small beer compared with the Greek, Irish and Portuguese bailouts, but money tends to go a lot further when its recipients are saboteurs, demagogues and murderers.

Jacob Campbell is Press Officer for UKIP Friends...More >>


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