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Death to the Dictator

superman renounces American citizenship comic books politics propaganda President Obama Iran Arab springSuperman is giving up his American citizenship (Whatever that means for a fictional guy born on the planet Krypton. Talk about troubles in getting a birth certificate).

Don't worry; the iconic character hasn't really given up on truth, justice and the American way. The real story here is that America has given up on those old-time American values; particularly, that pledge to "pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, in order to assure the survival and the success of liberty."

Comic books have always been overtly political and this Superman storyline is only a more publicized example. Captain America, the Sub-Mariner and the Human Torch all went toe-to-toe with Hitler's goons in the war years. The Hulk smashed communist villains for most of his early run. Iron Man's origin has been retconned in recent years to include Al Queda terrorists. The medium poses larger-than-life contests between the forces of good and evil, infused with contemporary political themes that even children...More >>

Because your country murdered 400 pro-democracy demonstrators.

Ambassadors from Iran, North Korea and Zimbabwe are still invited, though. No reporters have managed to catch these countries murdering 400 citizens... this week.

Seriously, can't Prince William and Kate Middleton simply choose not to host representatives for mass-murdering regimes that hate everything the UK stands for at their wedding?

A representative from Help For Heroes, a charity that helps those who have been wounded in Britain's current conflicts, is invited to the wedding. How does that mesh with inviting the Iranian ambassador, who works for a country that supplies IEDs to the Taliban to kill British and other NATO soldiers?

It is their wedding, right? And if it isn't -- if someone wants to make the case that this is a national event put on by the nation for the nation, there's even more reason to make sure the bouncers keep out the riff-raff.

Jonathon Narvey is the Editor of The Propagandist...More >>

Note from Syrian President Bashar al-Assad: "Now you pesky pro-democracy protesters have nothing to complain about. And if you come into the streets to demonstrate, our patriotic security forces will totally curb-stomp you."More >>

Well, technically he only threatened to sue anyone who had accused him of abuse of power and corruption.

But that amounts to the same thing.More >>

So you're the leader of a country at war, a country that is also one of the poorest in the world, in need of everything from schools to roads to health clinics and vaccines. You're facing a vicious, hate-filled insurgency premised on radical Islam, and a citizenry increasingly disatisfied with your governance and with the pervasive corruption imploding at every turn in your government. What's the first thing you do when you show up to work in the morning?

Why, follow up on the request of some disgruntled, illiterate tribal elders who are in a tithy because they saw some womens' hair. Duh!

As the BBC reports, it wasn't the fact that the volatile and highly conservative province of Helmand managed to have a large, joyous cultural celebration featuring female performers, something that might be considered a small revolution not to mention much-needed relief from the insurgency's wreaking havoc there, that drew the attention of Afghan President Hamid Karzai. Nor was it a concern about the competency or merit of the besieged province's deputy governor. It was, rather, some fussing old men and their paranoid, misogynous views about where women rightfully belong (under the shrouded cover...More >>

Will Syria be immune from the Arab Spring? The regime is perfectly willing to use lethal force (as usual) to stifle dissent. And it's hard to believe President Bashar Assad would cave to anything less than armed rebels beating down his bedroom door.

Still, this latest protest shows that there may be some hope:

Update at 11:17 a.m. ET: Witnesses say Syrian troops opened fire today during a protest in Latakia, the AP reports. It is the first reported clash between security forces and demonstrators since a morning speech by President Bashar Assad, who promised job opportunities and a campaign corruption. Assad also blamed much of last week's popular protests on "conspirators."

Witnesses, who asked to remain unidentified for security reasons, say police opened fire during a protest by about 100 people — although it was not immediately clear whether they were firing in the air or at the protesters, the AP reports.

Update at 11:06 a.m. ET: Al-Jazeera TV reports that Syrian actvists are very disapponted with Assad's speech and have called for more demonstrations after Friday prayers.


Update at 8:28

...More >>

Syrian President Bashar Assad claims protests against his regime are the work of a foreign conspiracy.

He's right, actually. Human rights activists, responsible governments and courageous individuals outside Syria have been working for years to do everything possible to end his regime's lethal repression and destabilizing foreign policy. It's nice to see that the people of Syria appreciate these efforts.

More >>

North of the American border, it's easy to be smug about the most extreme Tea Party rhetoric that characterizes the President Barack Obama as a foreign plant determined to turn the USA into a socialist (or National Socialist) hell on Earth. Of course, sober-minded Canucks would never give in to such demagoguery.

But with a new election season in Canada opening up, it seems one prominent Canadian pundit for one of Canada's biggest mainstream newspapers can't resist the urge to go full-on nutbar:

The Conservative hate machine will swivel toward you like a Dalek and advance. You're doomed. A Harper majority government wouldn't just lash out generally. It would hunt down its enemies.

Fear these people. Don't get sick. Don't grow old. Don't have children. Make yourself invulnerable.

Run for the hills! I can hear them now... "Exterminate. Exterminate. Exterminate!"

More >>

Syrian security forces are cracking down heavily on opposition protests. Who is leading the protests? Will they gather momentum? And if they manage - yes, we're getting a bit ahead of ourselves, here - to topple the regime, who will come out on top?

For now, it is too early to say if these outbreaks in Syria will transform into a wider revolution. This will be an uneven contest between those sick of tyranny and impoverishment and a regime with no compunctions about using lethal force to maintain its illegitimate hold on the state:

Syria remains a closed and walled-off nation. But descriptions of the uprising in Dara'a were dramatic. The alleged details included dozens of young men pelting a poster - in broad daylight - of a smiling President Bashar al-Assad; a statue of his late father and predecessor Hafiz al-Assad, demolished; official buildings including the ruling Baath Party's headquarters and the governor's office burned down. "There is no fear, there is no fear, after today there is no fear!" hundreds of men chant, captured in shaky mobile phone footage allegedly taken on Monday. Over the

...More >>

Missiles struck Gaddafi's compound 25 minutes ago. Here's hoping the sadistic bastard is finally dead.

Here's a video explaining in detail why this action was such a long time in coming.

More >>



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