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Counter-Terrorist Propaganda

Afghanistan's future is uncertain, no thanks to the Obama administration.

Mixed signals from the Obama Administration about talking to the Taliban do a disservice to Afghans, and betray earlier promises.More >>

Poetry about John Nuttall and Amanda Korody

Poetic justice for the latest alleged jihadists captured in Canada?More >>

In a little reported attack in June, the terrorist group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi claimed responsibility for murdering 14 school girls and 11 others in two bombings that sent a clear message on where these particular extremists stand on the matter of girls' right to education.More >>

Terrorism comes to Victoria, Canada. No word on their motives.

What could possibly have motivated the terrorists in Victoria, Canada?More >>

The Taliban are sticking bombs in their bums. Super creative, except for one small problem: the 'bumbs' don't really work.More >>

Moral illiterates defending jihad terrorism.

We can't prevent all terror attacks from happening. But can the moral illiterates at least stop covering for these monsters?More >>

Anti-imperialist or proto-fascist?

We must be careful to distinguish between understanding the depravity of terrorism and justifying it.More >>

White racism behind terrorism threat?

Since the 2008 recession, “never let a crisis go to waste” has become the mantra of the left.More >>

The manhunt for the Boston Marathon bombers closes in.

One bombing suspect is dead. The other is still on the loose, but probably not for long.More >>

Justin Trudeau puts his foot in his mouth big-time.

What root causes could possibly cause a popular contender for Prime Minister of Canada to stick his foot so firmly into his mouth?More >>



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