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American Propaganda

Bill Maher opines on the US government shutdown.

Oooooooohhhhh snap!!!More >>

Remembering the 9/11 attacks on America.

Reviewing some of the excellent essays at The Propagandist about what happened on 9/11 -- and after.More >>

Will Obama's incompetence could get the USA out of this looming war?

Obama wanted to go to war with Syria, but then he didn't, but maybe he still does, oh who the hell knows anymore.More >>

Will US President Obama go to war in the Middle East?

As the US edges closer to a strike on Syria, the question looms: will he really do it? More to the point -- what exactly will he be doing?More >>

Was Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood in 2013 like the Nazis in 1933?

It's not an exact parallel -- but it's not farfetched to draw a comparison between Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood of a few weeks ago and Germany's Nazis in 1933.More >>

Egypt declares war on the Muslim Brotherhood.

Fortunately for Muslim Brotherhood supporters in the USA, the Obama administration pretty much has their back.More >>

Political correctness is learned in the classroom.

Politically-correct madness is getting madder.More >>

Afghanistan's future is uncertain, no thanks to the Obama administration.

Mixed signals from the Obama Administration about talking to the Taliban do a disservice to Afghans, and betray earlier promises.More >>

George Zimmerman vs. the US justice system.

"Progressive" lynch mobs vs. American justice.More >>

Does Alice Walker see lizard people behind the world's evil?

Her personal trajectory symbolizes the devolution of the Left since the Civil Rights era.More >>



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