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The Propagandist Goes Underground

The Propagandist salutes the warriors on the front line.


Comrades, your suspicion of foul play following an absence of dispatches has been borne out. The physical office of Propaganda Station Chief Narvey and his brave allies is shut down, padlocked, demolished, burnt to the ground and apparently thrown into a live volcano.

Fortunately, our comrades managed to escape the enemy onslaught. Propaganda Station Chief Narvey confirms that he and his freedom-fighting essayists and bloggers have managed to escape to an undisclosed location; a secret, state-of-the-art underground base from which they can plan and execute future operations for our highly intelligent, liberty-loving mass movement. But for now, they are quite busy with getting the lights and running water to work, so it may take some time.

At this time, The Propagandist would like to thank the many readers, contributing writers, sponsors and others who continue to stay in the fight. Those on the front line -- and you know who you are -- remain an inspiration to us all. Keep up the fight.

Until the next propaganda dispatch, Confusion to our Enemies.


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