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On the Gathering Storm in Syria

Will the West respond to chemical weapons use in Syria?
Photo Credit: SoulRider.222

The USA and Britain are gearing up for strikes in Syria... but what then? 

Terry Glavin makes clear that in terms of the human cost alone, Western dawdling has helped the Syrian crisis crawl past what we saw in Iraq (Start listening at 1:25). Western aid dollars going to Syrian refugees in Syria and Jordan effectively amount to a "subsidy for Assad for his housing program" -- so for those who suggest that military action will be too costly, it's worth noting that we're already paying a price for passivity. 

Even without chemical weapons, the scale of destruction warranted more serious sanction, but this new phase really is something else:

It should be a red-line for everyone. This is really across the pale. There is no world order left if a tin-pot Ba'athist dictator in Damascus is allowed to snub his nose at the United Nations, at NATO, at the United States and gas his own people. 


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