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It's Time to Wake Up

Connect the dots. Terrorism is a theat we must all deal with.
Photo Credit: Vjeran Pavic

This essay was first published on Jonathan Danilowitz' Real Israel's Blog

Yes, it’s time to wake up. The time has come to stop ignoring Arab terror.

It matters not who perpetrated the Boston marathon terrorist attack. What matters is that we realize – finally! – that terrorism, any terrorism  -  left unchecked, will gain acceptance and spread. Everywhere. Any time.

The world has largely turned a blind eye to Arab terror, mostly because it is aimed at Israel. “Hey – let them deal with it” or “It doesn’t effect me directly, so I’ll just ignore it”.

Wrong! A few weeks ago I pointed out that: ” … What does matter is that Israel is at the front line in the war against Arab terror and the declared Islamic Jihadi aim of eventual sharia law for everyone, be they Jewish, Christian, moderate Muslim, atheist or whatever. If you are not against Arab terror (or any terror for that matter), you are supporting it. And terror, which  spreads like cancer, will rebound in your face.

The equation is simple: Support for Israel is in your own best interests. Support for anti-Israel forces is going to harm you directly, sooner or later.

Remember when you were a child and hated spinach (or tomatoes, or green beans or lettuce or …)? Now that you are an adult you know better, and even though spinach (or vegetables, fruit, or …) might not be your favorite, you know that for your own good, you do the right thing by eating healthy.

You connect the dots. Do what is in your own best interests. Or at least – don’t harm yourself and your family by supporting the very forces that are against you.”

Terrorism spreads like cancer. It must be rooted out. We can no longer pretend that it is only a local issue. We all have to stop pretending. If we do not support the victims of terror – any terror – it is as if we are supporting the terrorists. Terror will come home to roost. Don’t back the wrong horse. There is too much at stake.

It’s time to stop supporting the very forces that are going to harm you. It’s time to support the forces that have your interests at heart.

Jonathan Danilowitz lives in Israel and is a Contributing Writer for The Propagandist


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