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Counting Down to D-Day

The Propagandist Magazine gets ready to relaunch
Confusion to our enemies! Sober second thoughts to our allies!

The Propagandist has been a passion project for myself and my fellow esteemed political pundits, authors, advocates and scribblers. We've trash-talked tyrants, poked the eyes of the politically-correct, talked truth to the masses and helped wage a war of ideas in a way that you all hopefully found engaging -- and entertaining.

This isn't a retirement memo, in case you were wondering. Our publishing schedule has been light, lately -- no question about it. To put it in terms our readers might understand, while our dedication to the cause never wavered, our ammo sure did run low there for a little while. To those who have no patience for martial metaphors, life happened. We're busy people. But mostly, your humble editor has been working behind the scenes to turn this bloggy magazine into something a bit more -- well, magazine-y. No, we're not venturing into the world of dead-tree publishing, but we needed an online base of operations that looked and felt like something, well, cool. We're just about there.

Our plucky band of opinionated comrades are about to embark on  a new launch of The Propagandist. Thank you to our loyal readers, sponsors and fellow contributors who have stuck with us and helped us fight the good fight. Keep an eye out for big changes here.

In the meantime, confusion to our enemies!


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