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Drones and the Long War

Send in the drones
Photo Credit: Defence Images

Drones are just a tool; a method of disrupting our enemy that is more effective than sending 100,000 troops into Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Mali or wherever else Islamist barbarians decide to set up bases for attacking the West. We didn't ask for this war, but we're in it... and we need every tool at our disposal -- notwithstanding critics like Rand Paul:

Most Americans understand that limiting American attacks on terrorists to those actively in the field shooting at American soldiers in Afghanistan or those caught in the act of carrying out an attack on other targets anywhere else is not sensible. Al-Qaeda operatives must be hunted down and, if possible, killed wherever they are, be it in their hideouts, while driving a car or sitting in a public venue. Most also have no problem with such tactics being applied to U.S. citizens who have joined al-Qaeda and are actively taking part in a war on America.


But Paul does seem to oppose the drone strikes. Indeed, anyone who heard all or most of his several hours of talk on the subject heard a great deal that shows he thinks the “perpetual war” against the Islamists is the real problem.

The unfortunate fact is that Americans will have to continue fighting al-Qaeda. This is not because our leaders lust for war or are enraptured with drone technology, but because our enemies believe they are engaged in war that will go on for generations until we succumb. Winning that struggle will require patience and endurance as well as the will to seek out these enemies wherever they may be plotting.



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