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What Difference Does It Make?

Hillary Clinton's frustrated one-liner at the Benghazi hearing may be remembered for some time to come. Facing determined questioning about why the White House spun a bizarre story about a protest tied to an anti-Islam video -- a protest that did not happen -- to explain the Benghazi attack, she practically throws up her arms and complains, "what difference did it make?"

A lot. In line with the scenario put forth by Ambassador Rice, the White House felt compelled to apologize to the Islamic world for instigating the attack on its own people by Islamist jihadists. In the real world, we know there was no link between a YouTube video no one had seen and the death of four Americans.

In the scenario put forth by the White House, America was to blame for its own misfortune -- and they didn't change their story until long after the facts had come in.


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