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Naked Dinosaur Thighs Stir Ire of Saudi Religious Police

Saudi Arabians have the unique experience of living amidst wealth and modernity, at the same time that they live amidst backwardness and an archaic, fundamentalist regime. At least Saudis have a sense of humour about their predicament: "I confess, I saw a naked dinosaur thigh and felt aroused" was one of many mocking responses posted on social media in response to Saudi religious police suddenly raiding a children's dinosaur exhibit in a Saudi Mall:

The government-salaried vigilantes, a bearded auxiliary police force familiarly known to Saudis as the Hayaa, had marched officiously into an educational exhibit featuring plaster models of dinosaurs, turned off the lights and ordered everyone out, frightening children and alarming their parents.It was unclear precisely why the religious police objected to the exhibit, which apparently had been innocently featured at shopping centres across the Gulf for decades.

Read more Tweets speculating on what it was about the seemingly innocuous dinosaurs that got the grim guardians of the sacrosanct all hot and bothered here.


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