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Anti-Terrorism Laws Constitutional, Says Canadian Supreme Court

And there you have it. If you take steps to support a terrorist organization, even if you're not aware of a specific terror plot they're about to carry out, you could spend your life behind bars. Good.

"Only individuals who go well beyond the legitimate expression of a political, religious or ideological thought, belief or opinion and instead engage in one of the serious forms of violence - or threaten one of the serious forms of violence - listed in the (section) need fear liability under the terrorism provisions of the Criminal Code," she said.

Terrorist organizations are not in the habit of sending out monthly newsletters and updating their blogs with fresh content to keep their supporters informed about the next attack.

People who knowingly support organizations that are try to murder as many people as possible ought not to get off on a technicality that they didn't know the exact details of the conspiracy.

Reason prevails. The constitution is upheld.



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