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Palestine To Be Upgraded from Quasi-State to Semi-Almost-State

The vote at the United Nations today to recognize Palestine as a non-member state ("We recognize that we don't recognize you") is yet another bit of lunacy at the world's most perverse bureaucracy. Did anyone notice that little flare-up between Hamas-run Gaza and Israel this month? After all those tens of thousands of headlines, the countries of the world are going to pretend it didn't just happen.

That dustup proves yet again that this "Palestinian state" isn't united and that Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah faction can barely hold on to their West Bank kleptocracy, much less claim to rule over Gaza's terrorist-run theocracy. And yet... most countries in the world will indicate that they support a Palestinian (non-member) state.

That's just great. Well, I support full member state status for the Kingdom of Narv, carving a little slice out of my Mount Pleasant neighborhood in Vancouver. The borders aren't defined yet and I really can't claim meaningful sovereignty over much territory, but apparently, those things don't matter. Besides, my kingdom would have two major advantages over a Palestinian state: First, I'm not presently trying to blow up my neighbors. Second, employment in the Kingdom of Narv is 100 percent and I'm economically viable without a massive influx of billions from international donors. So... can I get some action, here?

BONUS. Writing in the Algemeiner, Gabriel Martindale provides the most honest and articulate argument for not making Palestine any kind of state at any point in the foreseeable future:

Elections reflect people. If you were to survey, dispassionately, the results of western elections, you would come to the conclusion that their populations are mostly comprised of economic illiterates who prefer to believe the empty promises of career liars than face up to the reality of the mess they have landed themselves in through chronic profligacy and short-sighted greed. And you would be right. If you do the same to the Palestinian ballots you would come to the conclusion that Palestinians are the kind of people who choose to be governed by sociopathic gangsters with a screw loose rather than organize their lives in a civilized bourgeois fashion. What kind of people choose to be governed by unhinged hooligans? Not the kind of people who should be given a state.



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