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No Escape for Women in Saudi Arabia and Iran


Do Saudi Arabia's rulers wake up every morning thinking "how can I make life even more miserable for women?" They sure don't seem to lack for ideas -- or willingness to execute. The latest insanity is electronic tracking to ensure no woman can leave the Islamic kingdom without the permission of their male guardian.

Why aren't people worldwide protesting in the streets over the modern-day slavery for women that is endemic to the Muslim world? It's not just Saudi Arabia. Next time you see a television broadcast from anywhere in Libya, the West Bank, Syria, Jordan, etc, try to spot a woman. Any woman. They've effectively been banned from the public space. Banned from public life... Banned from life.

Iran isn't far behind, by the way. They haven't gone as far as electronic tracking, but they're already seriously looking at banning women from traveling outside the Islamic Republic without the permission of their father or male guardian.

Want to know why Islamic (and increasingly, Islamist) countries keeps falling behind the rest of the world? One big reason for it is that they treat half their population like shit.

Jonathon Narvey is the Editor of The Propagandist

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