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Obama Administration Changed CIA Talking Points on Benghazi?

It seems the White House changed the CIA's talking points. But the main problem comes from what came after -- a top Obama official lying to the American people.

The American intelligence community knew within 24 hours that the attack on the Benghazi mission was by terrorists.

It was merely the latest Islamist terrorist attack by Islamist terrorists to commemorate the most infamous Islamist terror attacks ever carried out by Islamist terrorists in the United States. That's the first narrative -- the one the White House apparently didn't want you to know.

Yet United States Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice went on multiple talk shows and told the American people a very different story, that the attack was a spontaneous eruption of violence by protesters in the new democratic Libya, against a YouTube video that none of the attackers had ever seen (because all protesters anywhere in the world carry automatic weapons and mortars, don't you know).

Which narrative has more credibility?

As for why no one can figure out who made changes to the memo, I'm just wondering whether the CIA and White House use MS Word or any kind of word processing software that has the "Track Changes" function. With that, you'd think it would be pretty easy to figure out who changed what.

Jonathon Narvey is the Editor of The Propagandist



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