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The Bloody Stupidity of the White Poppy

war propaganda Remembrance Day fight for freedom slavery peace white poppyIt's been fashionable in certain "anti-imperialist" quarters of late to adopt the "white poppy" in lieue of the traditional red one we wear to commemorate the sacrifices of our veterans who fought for our freedom.

What is the white poppy about? I suppose most "peace activists" who wear them would have difficulty articulating it, in the same manner that the Occupy Movement's leaderless cult could not enunciate a clear position on anything. But the smarmy, condescending, utterly dishonest screeds we've seen of late in the left-wing rag Rabble (Lest we remember and The red poppy: Symbol of peace or symbol of war?) pretty well nail the basics: war is bad, Canadian (read: Western) military involvements are inevitably unjust and counterproductive and Remembrance Day is really about distracting us from those truths.

It's bunk.

Our soldiers fight -- and continue to fight -- for freedom. In the past, that was freedom from the tyranny of Nazism, Italian fascism and Japanese imperialism, all essentially race-based ideologies of terror towards all other subjugated peoples. Today, our soldiers in Afghanistan are part of a global struggle against theocratic fascists who have replaced racism with religious supremacism as their rallying point. Whether we're talking about SS troops burning Jews and Gypsies or the Taliban poisoning schoolgirls and their teachers, there is an undercurrent of familiar evil that all thinking people understand.

That bears repeating: thinking people understand this.

Peace of the dead or a quiet slavery is not preferrable to conflict. Evil exists and it must be fought; sometimes, with drones, machineguns and rocket-propelled grenades. Taking action in such cases is honorable -- and while sacrifice is regrettable, let's not forget the enemy who put us in the position of having to fight for our freedom.

When you see someone wearing the white poppy, don't let them get away with it in silence. Question them. Criticize their ideas. Mock their false sanctimony. Don't let them get away with their big lies.

Lest we forget.

Jonathon Narvey is the Editor of The Propagandist


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