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The BBC's Weird Reporting on the Sudanese Conflict

The BBC has a new feature called Sudanese conflict: What you need to know. Unfortunately, it doesn't offer up what you need to know.

First of all, it makes out the South Sudanese to be the aggressors.

The crisis started in April, after months of border skirmishes, when South Sudan seized an oil field, which is internationally accepted to be in Sudan, saying the area was being used as a base for Sudanese attacks on its territory.

That's weird. Sudan has been attacking South Sudan since that nation achieved its independence (Actually, since before it became independent. That's kind of why they wanted to be independent).

Those semantically-neutral "border skirmishes" you mentioned? I suppose those are euphemisms for almost entirely one-sided Sudanese aggression against its bullied neighbor. The seizing of the oil field, where the South finally went on the offensive, only happened after incessant Sudanese aggression meant to perpetrate genocide against border communities.

Genocide? Sure. The President of Sudan is a war criminal who the international community blames for the Darfur genocide that killed millions. Now he wants to do it again. You'd think that would be included in "what you need to know".

There's no mention of Sudan's history of murder and mayhem in the south, of the taking of slaves to be used in the north, of the Sudanese air force bombing South Sudanese who are forced to flee their huts for caves. No mention of the totalitarian sharia law that Sudan has doubled down on at home since the South achieved independence.

The BBC report doesn't make it seem like both sides are equally to blame for the violence -- it puts most of the blame squarely on the shoulders of those who are primarily the victims in this war.

The BBC's Arabic's Omar El-Tayeb Ahmed's report is worse than useless; it is propaganda for a fanatical regime that stomps on the human rights of its own people and both incites and perpetrates genocide.

Jonathon Narvey is the Editor of The Propagandist


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