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Why We Fight. This Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Occupy Wall Street American politics Iran needs nukes


We're often asked why it is that we keep plugging away, working as propagandists to mobilize the masses. Precisely what are we mobilizing to do?

As we say in The Propagandist Manifesto, "our cause is freedom, modernity, reason, prosperity and the pursuit of happiness." But I will often add that we are also defined by our enemies.

I believe this photo I captured at Occupy Wall Street in New York City a little while back pretty much says it all. I would not taint all Occupy Movement activists by association with the Spartacist League -- but I'm not at all convinced that many of them would be willing to give these bozos the rhetorical slapping-down they so richly deserve.

Confusion to our enemies!

Jonathon Narvey is the Editor of The Propagandist


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