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Bar Graph. Afghanistan Civilian Casualties May 2011

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan is concerned about the steep rise in civilian casualties in May 2011. According to their count, anti-government forces were responsible for 82 percent of civilians killed that month.

We take a different perspective. Of course, we're mad as hell about the civilians casualties. But we have a different method of assigning responsibility for these deaths.

We don't blame homeowners engaged in self-defense when their family members are murdered by home invaders. We don't blame cops when hostages are killed by kidnappers. We're on the side of the firefighter, not the arsonist.

Since the Taliban continue to target Afghan teachers, police, politicians, farmers, women, children and anyone else who gets in their way, they are responsible for all civilian casualties in May or anytime before or since.

If they would put down their weapons and stop threatening civilians, it would not be necessary for NATO and Afghan security forces to go in after them -- sadly, resulting in accidental civilian deaths in the war zone.

Our bar graph illustrates this reality:

Afghanistan civilian casualties Taliban NATO May 2011


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