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Media Repeats StopWar and George Galloway's Lies

corporate media propaganda lies journalism george galloway stopwar canadian jason kenney terry glavinA central rhetorical plank of StopWar's George Galloway crazy clown Canadian tour is that this is about free speech. Galloway was banned from the country. This neocon government doesn't want you to hear him speak, because the truth is so powerful.

The truth is that it's all a lie.

And Terry Glavin once again is compelled to step into the breach because the mainstream media - the same group that Galloway and StopWar villify as neocon news bureaus - are actually repeating StopWar's propaganda. First, about that ban:

CTV News: Galloway "was denied entry into the country over his alleged [?] financial support of the Palestinian group Hamas." Here's the Calgary Herald: "The antiwar activist, who was barred from Canada . . . was refused entry by the Canada Border Services Agency in 2009 because he reportedly [?] donated money to the Hamas-led Palestinian government, but the decision was recently overturned." Here's a Montreal Gazette report that has Galloway "thanking federal Immigration Minister Jason Kenney for the 'ridiculous ban' Canada imposed on him last year, based on Galloway's alleged [?] support for terrorism," which goes on to tell us that the ruling was "quashed by a Federal Court judge." It goes on and on like this. It's all rubbish.

Galloway was not barred, banned or refused entry into Canada, and the courts did not overturn or quash any such non-exist government ban, bar, refusal or ruling. Here is what Judge Mosley actually wrote (read the whole thing yourself if you like):

"The respondents [i.e. Immigration Minister Jason Kenney et. al.] submit that whether they approve of Mr. Galloway’s political beliefs or not is legally irrelevant because his admissibility was legitimately evaluated on the basis of his own actions and in accordance with the relevant legislation. They say there is no evidence of bad faith, bias or a breach of fairness in the performance of their public duties. Moreover, they submit, no legally reviewable decision to exclude Mr. Galloway was in fact made.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Read it all.


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